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10 Of The Best Tips For Planning A Small Intimate Wedding

Want to keep your guest list on the small side? Read our top tips for planning an intimate wedding right here.

10 Of The Best Tips For Planning A Small Intimate Wedding

One of the best parts of planning a wedding is that you have the ability to create the day of your dreams.

Some people prefer a big celebration, while others prefer a small intimate wedding. If you’re in the latter group, we’ve got some wonderful tips for you. Here are our words of wisdom for planning a small intimate wedding.

10 tips for planning a small intimate wedding

1. It’s your day, so do what makes you happy. If you don’t want a big wedding, that’s your choice. You don’t have to let the pressures take over you. This is going to be your day to remember, so you want to make it your own.

2. Be realistic when it comes to your guest list. You want to LOVE all the people that you are inviting to your special day. So if you’re planning a small wedding, you need to be clear on your guest list. It might be that you invite only family and friends you’ve seen in the last three months – it’s up to you. But if a small wedding is what you want, there’s no point having hundreds of guests because you feel like you have to.

3. Treat your guests well. You want them to enjoy the day as much as you and a small wedding really gives you the chance to go all out. Give them loads of entertainment. Some ideas could be:

  • A photobooth
  • A goodie bag
  • Loaded gift boxes
  • Boxes of chocolates
  • Lots of champagne!

4. Do your research. Whether you’re planning a big or small wedding, you want to trust the suppliers you use. If they’re real professionals, then they’ll add to the joy of your day. Chat with your suppliers before the big day and build a relationship with them. Find the right people for every element of your wedding day.

5. Intimate weddings can still be formal, but they can also be more casual. So why not throw a party? Maybe your tables sit fewer people, or you all sit on wooden benches. And if you’re only having a small number of guests, they could choose where they sit!

6. Allocate your budget based on what’s important to you. With a smaller guest list, you can afford to spend your budget on other things, like a florist, photographer or make-up artist. All these things require a great deal of value.

7. Get everyone involved. Make sure you have a guestbook of some sort. This could be a traditional book that people write in, or you could have a photo frame that people sign. There are so many creative ideas you could use.

8. Spend time with your guests. This is much easier to do when you’re having a small intimate wedding! You might choose to spend the evening with them the night before and have extra activities planned throughout your celebration.

9. Consider a destination wedding. Use the small number of your loved ones to your advantage – whisk them away on an adventure! You can stretch your festivities out over two to three days to make it a really relaxing wedding. This also gives you a great chance to really bond with your guests.

10. A small intimate wedding doesn’t mean less planning is involved. It’s still the most important day of your life. Get creative and plan the day of your dreams.

Small intimate weddings deserve all the goodness of a big party. So if you want help with your wedding planning, book a consultation with one of our wedding planners here.

By Holly Sutton

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10 Of The Best Tips For Planning A Small Intimate Wedding