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10 Of The Most Important Questions To Ask When Visiting Wedding Venues

Don't miss our list of essential questions you need to ask before you book.

10 Of The Most Important Questions To Ask When Visiting Wedding Venues

We know what it’s like. You get engaged, you see so many beautiful places online, people are throwing recommendations your way – it’s overwhelming.

There are lots of exciting things to look forward to when visiting wedding venues, like the style and location. But you also want to make sure you’re not missing the practical aspects. The last thing you want to do is fall in love with a venue that doesn’t have enough room or isn’t available on your date.

So we thought we’d help you out by putting together an essential list of questions you need to ask when visiting wedding venues.

1. How many people can you fit in the venue?

We all know wedding venues vary when it comes to size. But there’s no point in viewing venues that only cater for 50 people when your guest list is in the triple figures. And this is exactly the same for the opposite – you don’t want to try and fill a huge space when your guest list is only small. Yet another reason why your guest list should be one of your first priorities.

2. What dates do you have available?

Maybe you have in mind a particular month when you want to get married – this is always a good starting point when you’re asking wedding venues what dates they have available. And if you come across a venue you love, this is something you’ll want to ask straight away. Just get ready to be a little bit flexible if needed.

3. Will there be anyone else here apart from the wedding party?

You want to make sure that the venue you choose is exclusive. Some bigger venues will allow more than one wedding on the property on the same day, and this won’t suit all couples. And if you’re hiring a venue that’s somewhere more low key like a restaurant or hotel, you’ll have to find out whether you get the whole space or just a private room. This all depends on your personal preference but is a good question to ask first of all.

4. What is the cost for hiring the venue and what does that involve?

Money is obviously one thing you want to cover when you’re visiting wedding venues, because it’s going to be based on your budget. And remember to ask both parts of the question! Many couples fall into the trap of just asking for the venue price, without asking what’s included. This might mean you end up paying for much more than you can afford. Get everything in writing and plan from there.

5. What about accommodation?

A lot of venues mean travelling a short distance away from home, but it’s also such a nice touch for the bride and groom to be able to go into the honeymoon suite at the end of the night. But it does cause some problems with your guests if you don’t plan ahead.

Ask your venue what accommodation they have available and if they only have a certain amount of room, be sure to find out what’s nearby too. You want to make sure that everyone is catered for.

6. What time does the party end?

We know you probably want to dance the night away, but it’s important to be aware that most wedding venues have a closing time. Some are also limited by noise restrictions, so be sure to find out straight away.

7. What happens if it rains?

If you’re planning an outdoor ceremony and al fresco reception, make sure you have a plan B. Wind, rain and chill can happen in any season, so find out from your venue what the alternative is and pray that you don’t need to use it!

8. Who is my contact?

One of the things that will really make a venue stand out is the incredible team of people they have, who will go the extra mile to make a wedding day so special for the bride and groom. Get to know who your point of contact will be and go back to your venue whenever so you can form a lovely relationship.

9. What are the options involved for day and night?

Some couples get married at a church and then move onto the venue for the wedding breakfast and evening party. But some couples choose to get married at their venue too.

If you’re getting married at a church, you want to try and make sure your venue isn’t too far away. And if you’re doing it all in once place, make sure you know all the options available. There might be a chapel, or other indoor and outdoor locations.

10. What about the catering?

Lots of wedding venues now come as a whole package with their accompanying suppliers. This can make your life a whole lot easier. But do you have your own ideas of who to book? Or do you want to explore more alternative options when it comes to food and drink? Then you’ll want to discuss that before you make the booking.

Do you need some help choosing a venue? Take a look at The Library at The Wedding Gallery, our little black book of the best venues in the UK and beyond.

By Holly Sutton