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11 Of The Best Spring Wedding Colors And Ideas To Inspire You

Planning a spring wedding? Here are some great ideas for you.

11 Of The Best Spring Wedding Colors And Ideas To Inspire You

What do you think of when you hear the word spring? Pastels, Easter…and while some people hate the sweetness of spring colors, they’re actually perfect for a spring wedding. So we’ve got 11 of the best spring wedding colors and ideas to inspire you.

1. Go Green

If you look on Pinterest for spring wedding colors and flowers, you’ll see lush pastel arrangements filled with peonies. But if you want to go for a more modern (and affordable style), then go for greenery, with some seasonal flowers added in, like tulips or anemones.

2. Host a brunch wedding

A brunch wedding can be good at any time of the year, but spring is actually the perfect time for a brunch wedding. Plus, this can actually be a more affordable thing to do rather than have a three-course meal.

3. Rethink your pastels

Pastels are perfect for spring wedding colors, but you could always go a little bit edgier, by sticking with muted colors. A greyish purple or dusk blue are both more subtle colors that work really well for spring. You could also go for rougher hair and flowers for a bit of a twist too.

You could even avoid pastels altogether and opt for brights or textures like wood and greenery.

4. Try something different with your flowers

When you think of a spring wedding you think of a venue filled with the most beautiful flowers. While these are nice ideas, they aren’t always the most cost-effective. So if you want lots of flowers for your spring wedding but don’t want to pay the cost, then try something different by using paper flowers. They can look beautiful, there are plenty of tutorials online and they’re not expensive to make.

5. Use flowers in a subtle way

Usually, you see flower arches or centrepieces, but you could actually use them somewhere unexpected and high-impact, like on the end of pews in a church or on your chairs at the venue. This will add such a lovely effect to the whole room.

6. Gnome it up

You could so many different sources of garden inspiration for your spring wedding colors and ideas. So what about garden gnomes? You might think it’s a bit odd, but they add a lovely sense of humour.

7. Switch up your place names

A big event that’s associated with Spring is Easter and there are so many ways you could incorporate this theme. One of them being eggs!

Now hear us out. We don’t mean you need to call the Easter Bunny. You could do some calligraphy on eggs and use them as places names to show people where they’re sitting. This is a subtle hint to the theme without being too Easter-y.

8. Add a touch of spring to your food

From edible flowers to different colors of water, you can use spring to embrace the whole theme of your wedding. Even your food!

9. Choose crystal

While you might think white is the best option for a spring wedding backdrop, a translucent look can also be a great vibe. If you’re renting chairs, you could hire some crystal ghost chairs which are a sleek, modern alternative.

10. Create something yourself

We love it when a couple wants to make their wedding as personal as possible because it means it’ll be completely unique. And the best way to do this is by creating a big impact ceremony decoration because it’s the first thing people will see. You could either buy a pretty backdrop or create something yourself using paint and a drop cloth. There’ll be loads of tutorials online.

11. Go different with your suit

If you’re not going for a traditional wedding, then why not dress the groom in a spring-like suit? A light blue color is our favourite. Just because you’re wearing a suit doesn’t mean you can’t stand out.

If you want to see your spring wedding idea come to life, be sure to book an appointment at The Wedding Gallery to kickstart your inspiration.

By Holly Sutton

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11 of the best spring wedding colors and ideas to inspire you