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15 Of The Best Wedding Planning Ideas For Your Wedding Reception

Feel free to steal these ideas and plan the best party ever.

20 Of The Best Wedding Planning Ideas For Your Wedding Reception

Your wedding ceremony is incredibly special – it’s when you say “I do”! But your reception is what people will be looking forward to the most.

From eating, drink and dancing, your wedding reception is the best time to celebrate this new chapter in your life. And the best wedding receptions are those that include lots of personal added extras, to keep guests talking about your big day even when it’s done. So get ready to be inspired by our top wedding planning ideas for your reception.

1. Do your seating plan carefully

We know you’re probably not looking forward to doing the seating plan, but it’s important you put some though into it. Sit guests next to people you know they’re going to get along with. You might want to force strangers to sit together, but the truth is, your guests will enjoy it a lot more if they’re sat next to their friends and family.

2. Make your favours amazing

When it comes to wedding planning ideas, you don’t want to forget these! Your wedding favours basically act as a thank you to your guests. So let them know how much you appreciate them by offering them something lovely to take home. There are loads of ideas on Pinterest, but we love the personalised touch.

3. Don’t make the speeches too long

The best man might want to tell that long-winded story about the time him and the groom went camping, but if it’s going to take too long it’s better to leave it out. Wedding speeches are all about quality over quantity.

4. Think about the kids

If you think about it, weddings can be quite boring for kids, so it’s important to take them into consideration. You could have a kids table, with blowing bubbles toys, a craft centre, and definitely get them on the dancefloor!

5. Make your first dance unique

Your first dance is the perfect way to kick off your night do’ in style. All eyes will be on you, so why not surprise your guests? Start with your official first dance song and then move it onto something more a bit upbeat…people will love it!

6. Switch up your wedding breakfast

Instead of just going through your starter, main and dessert, try and plan some small surprises inbetween courses. You could go for a performance from a singer, or get the whole room dancing to a song…there are loads of ways to personalise it.

7. Be in control of the entertainment

While you could go all out with a live band or magician, sometimes the best entertainment is the most personal. For our reception, we get a DJ and we get to create our own playlist, meaning we can choose the exact songs we want to play. And if you can’t do that…

8. Find a DJ who gets you

It’s important to talk to your DJ about the kind of wedding you want and how music is going to play a part in that. The better the DJ, the longer your guests will stay on the dancefloor. Tell your DJ the songs you definitely don’t want playing, as well as the ones on your must-play list.

9. Play music for everyone

There’s likely going to be a few different generations at your wedding reception, from your grandparents to little kids. So if you want to keep the dancefloor packed, play music that pleases the whole crowd. If you love rock n roll, feel free to play some of that music, but don’t forget the classics, and hits from the past and present.

Top tip: On your RSVP card you could always put “RSVP with your favourite song” and pick your favourites to play on the night!

10. Have a quiet area

Not everyone will want to dance all night and that’s okay. So make sure your wedding reception has a lounge area with some comfy seating that’s a little bit quieter. A change of scenery will promote conversation and keep people entertained who aren’t on the dancefloor. It’ll also give your elderly guests a place to chat and relax.

11. Make sure your package includes a Master of Ceremonies or Day-of Coordinator

You’ve got all these wonderful wedding planning ideas for your reception and you want to make sure they all go to plan, right? It can be more difficult than you think to keep these things in check. That’s why it’s good to check if your venue has a Master of Ceremonies to oversee the coordination of the day. It’s definitely worth it.

12. Create a natural flow

This is something you might not have thought about, but it’s still important to consider. You want people to dance, mingle and move around your space to the cake table, gift table and other personal elements you’ve created. Think about how your guests will naturally flow around the room.

13. Pick great food

The thing people will be most excited about when it comes to your wdding reception? The food of course! If you want to plan the best wedding ever, serve great food. Ask yourself what you’d love to eat on your wedding day and be sure to take your guests into account too. For instance, if there are vegetarians in the family, you’ll want to make sure there are options available for them.

14. Don’t let your guests go hungry

This is where canapes come in handy. While you’re off getting your photos done, your guests can be getting a drink and munching on canapies (just ask your mum to save some for you!)

15. Plan a fun surprise

You could do this for your first dance, but you could also do this with your send-off at night. This is a great way to end the party and something that everyone will remember. You could have sparklers or even fireworks…the possibilites are endless.

Not sure where to begin with your wedding planning? One of our coordinators can help you with all the details? Book an appointment here to visit us for a consultation.

By Holly Sutton

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15 of the best wedding planning ideas for your wedding reception