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8 Of The Most Important Things To Do After The Wedding

This is how make the time after your wedding just as special as the big day.

8 Of The Most Important Things To Do After The Wedding

In the midst of planning your wedding? We bet the big day will some round sooner than you think. We also know that so many brides and grooms focus on planning their special day, they forget the important things they need to do afterwards.

So we’ve put together a timeline to help you know exactly what you need to do after the wedding. Read on for a full checklist so you don’t miss a step.

In the few days after the wedding


You’ve just got married so take some time to relax and celebrate this new chapter! You definitely deserve a break. Even if you’re not going on a big honeymoon straight after the wedding, you could still go on a mini-moon. It doesn’t have to be anywhere fancy, or for a long time, just somewhere you can relax and remember how wonderful your wedding day was. Plus, you’ll have no more wedding planning to do, which deserves another glass of champagne!

During your wedding planning, make sure you plan a break for after the wedding. Slow down and just take some time to enjoy those few days. All you’ll want is to spend some time with your new husband or wife.

Give your dress some TLC

Don’t forget about your beautiful dress! When you first pick up your dress it should come in a breathable garment bag, so be sure to put it in there after the wedding. Book a date soon after your big day to take it to the cleaners to be cleaned and preserved. If your children or grandchildren ask to see it someday, you’re going to want it to give them a true picture of what it was like.

In the few weeks after the wedding

Send your thank you cards

Thank you cards are such a lovely, thoughtful touch, even if some guests you didn’t know that well. Our stationery partners at The Wedding Gallery will include thank you notes in their set, which makes life a lot easier for you.

Take some time after the wedding to write a personal note to all your guests. They’ll appreciate it so much and it’s a great way to tie up the event. You want to do this as soon as possible, but ideally, don’t leave it longer than six months.

Plus, you might not get time to speak to all your guests in great detail at your wedding. So by sending thank you cards, you get to thank people for their gifts and attendance personally.

Review your suppliers

Hopefully, you built up a great relationship with your different suppliers (and they helped your day run smoothly too!) Leave a kind gesture by giving them a review. While suppliers take part in a lot of weddings, they also want to make sure yours is incredibly special, so they’ll work very hard. Show them your heartfelt gratitude in a review. It’ll make them feel really appreciated and will lead them to future business too!

Buy yourself a husband and wife gift

There’s nothing we love more than matching husband and wife gifts! It’s a great way to treat yourselves after the wedding. One of our favourites is matching monogrammed luggage with your initials on. It’s time to show off that you’re a newly-wed couple – make the most of it!

In the few months after the wedding

Save up for your dream honeymoon trip

If you weren’t able to go on your honeymoon straight after your wedding, now’s the time to start saving up for it. You don’t have any other wedding plans to pay for so really, it’s a perfect time!

Plus, a post-wedding depression can set in after your big day, so it might be a good idea to push back your honeymoon. You can still go on a mini-moon soon after the wedding, but save up so you can go on the honeymoon of your dreams. It’ll give you something to look forward to as you settle back into real life.

Try something new

In the few months after the wedding, you’re really settling into married life together. So why not try something new like a new hobby or planning a home project? There are so many different possibilities – all you need to do is research!

Celebrate your big day

In the months after the wedding you’ll start to get your wedding photos back and a video if you had a videographer. Plan an evening where you go through all your photos and pick which ones you want to get framed for your own home and your family. Such a lovely moment!

We hope these tips prepare you for what you need to prepare for after the wedding. Need help with your wedding planning in the lead up to the big day? Book an appointment to visit a wedding consultant at the Wedding Gallery here.

By Holly Sutton

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8 of the most important things to do after the wedding