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How To Deliver A Very Successful Best Man Speech

Nail your best man speech with our expert tips, tricks and ideas.

How To Deliver A Very Successful Best Man Speech

The best man speech. It’s got to be up there with one of the biggest moments of a man’s life (apart from getting married yourself and the father-of-the-bride speech, of course).

If you’re feeling nervous, relax, because we’ve got some top best man speech tips. From how to plan it and how to write it, we’ll help to make sure this is the nicest and most enjoyable best man speech ever. This is your one-way ticket to creating a great speech full of laughter, tears and applause. Get a notepad and pen at the ready.

1. List it out

Choose the top 10 things you really want to include in your speech. You want funny anecdotes, the story of when the groom met the bride, comments on the day so far and anything else you want to add. Questionable fashion choices? Family? And of course, a few surprises…

2. Open strong

First impressions are everything so you need to come up with a killer opening line. An anecdote or comment on the big day is your best starting point.

3. Introduce yourself

While you might be doing the best man speech, you still need to tell the crowd who you are and how you know the groom. A lot of people will know you but there will still be lots of people wanting to know more about your story.

4. Tell stories about the groom

You know the groom the best so tell a few stories about him – but keep it clean! For a successful best man speech, tell stories of the groom’s character and the times you’ve had together. An X-rated story might be funny, but think of the grandparents!

5. Don’t forget the bride

If you don’t include the bride in your speech, it’ll be a recipe for disaster. Include the story of when the groom met the bride and what he said about her when they first met, or how happy she makes your best friend. Those will bring a tear to everybody’s eye. Commenting on how beautiful the bride looks also won’t go amiss!

6. Keep it short and friendly

Don’t put pressure on yourself when it comes to your best man speech. Keep it light-hearted. The laughs will come the more natural you are. Try and aim for a speech length of 15-20 minutes. If you give each of your 10 points around 90 seconds, you’ll have it spot on.

7. Make it relatable

Some of the guests won’t know you and your friends, so make your speech relatable. It’ll make it more enjoyable for guests too. You can mention memories with friends, but don’t make it all about that.

8. Think about a prop

You don’t have to use one but if you’re very nervous it might help you. This could be a funny photo of the groom or something else that leads to a story. It’s much better than showing a presentation on a projector!

9. Practice

Don’t wait until the big day to say your speech for the first time. But it also doesn’t mean it needs to be a completely rehearsed dialogue. If you practice, this will help keep your timings on track for each of your bullet points. Once you know what you want to say for each point, you can use a prompt. Just remember you don’t want to sound as if you’re reading a script, but rather that you’re talking to all the guests.

10. Toast

Don’t forget to raise a glass to the newlyweds. After that, you’re done and can enjoy the rest of the party!

11. Ask for help

If you’re nervous to the point that you can’t cope, ask the other groomsmen to help with parts of the speech. With your friends by your side, it’ll be a lot easier.


While you might be nervous about your best man speech, we totally believe in you. Be yourself and have fun. Good luck!


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By Holly Sutton

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How to deliver a very successful best man speech