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The Most Beautiful Bridal Makeup Looks To Suit Each Season

Searching for the perfect wedding makeup look? Why not look to the season you’re to be-wed in?

The Most Beautiful Bridal Makeup Looks To Suit Each Season

From a bronzed summer glow to a cool snow-white look for winter, be inspired by these season bridal beauty ideas.

Every bride wants to look like the best version of themselves on their wedding day. But achieving perfect bridal makeup looks (not too much and not too little) is easier said than done.

Speaking generally, our first tip is to stick to a similar foundation to what you’re normally used to so you feel comfortable throughout the day. If you’re not used to wearing foundation, aim for something that offers coverage but is still light.

When it comes to colour for bridal makeup looks, you may not want to experiment too much on your big day. But taking influence from the season you’re marrying in is a great way to add colour that feels natural.

For spring and summer, it’s nice to keep it fresh and rosy. Then, as the seasons’ progress, you can go deeper and more dramatic. We think a statement lip creates a beautiful look for winter brides.

To give you some inspiration, here are our distinctive bridal makeup looks to suit each season.



For a Spring bride, we recommend a look for brides who want to glow on their big day, but also not wear a lot of eye makeup. Using a glow intensifying moisturiser before foundation is key to this look and you can even get one to wear all over your body too. Blusher is also key to this look.



For Summer, it’s all about bronzed skin. For bridal makeup looks in summer, use golden hues on the eyes, golden skin and a touch of bright orange brush to add more warmth. It’s also worth using a good highlighter which you can use on the eyes and a little bit on the cheekbones.



This makeup look is all about warm autumnal colours, which you can really make the most of on the eye area. Use a few shades but focus on a red tone. You can even apply this wet to intensify the look.



For Winter, you want to aim for cooler colours with a focus on ashy tones for the eyes. Aim for a Fig tone colour on your cheeks for a perfect, wintery look.

We understand how much there is to do ahead of your big day which is why our bespoke beauty offerings aim to take the stress away and ensure you and your bridal party, look and feel incredible each step of the way…Book your appointment to visit the Bridal Beauty team at The Wedding Gallery today.

By Holly Sutton

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The most beautiful bridal makeup looks to suit each season