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5 Top Tips For The Best Bridesmaid Shopping Experience Ever

We promise it’ll be stress-free.

5 Top Tips For The Best Bridesmaid Dress Shopping Experience Ever

Today we’re answering a question that goes through every bride’s mind – how do we make bridesmaid dress shopping stress-free?

When you go bridesmaid dress shopping, you’ll know when you’ve found the right bridal boutique. Your consultant will be friendly, ask you all the right questions, and will seek out to truly understand you and the type of wedding you want to have. You won’t have to worry about her suggesting dresses that are too formal or too trendy and she’ll also take all of your bridesmaids into account.

The dress style you go for is completely up to you. But one thing’s for sure – going bridesmaid dress shopping is a perfect chance for you all to play dress-up for the day.

We help to create a lot of different bridesmaids outfits, so we wanted to share our tips for a stress-free bridesmaid dress shopping experience.

1. Shop around

You don’t have to go with the first dress you find. Maybe you try going to a few department stores first but find them completely overwhelming. When you come to The Wedding Gallery, for instance, we’ll make you feel completely at home. Whether you’re looking for matching floor-length gowns or mix and match separates, we’ll be sure to have the right look for you and your girls.

The point is to go bridesmaid dress shopping in a place that feels right for you and do what works for you too.

2. Narrow down your styles

It’s best to have an idea of what you want before you take your bridesmaids’ shopping. My mum and I searched for lots of different styles before we finally found the look we wanted to go for.

When you shop for your wedding dress, you want to have an idea of a style you want so you don’t end up trying loads on. It’s the same for bridesmaids dresses. It’s nice for them to only have to try on a couple of styles before you all find the right one.

3. Keep an open mind

It’s important to be open to everyone’s suggestions and be mindful of their comfort level in what you choose. That’s why we offer mix and match dresses to play to each woman’s unique body shape. You can opt for one style in the same colour, but if you’re struggling, you can consider multiple styles in the same fabric so your bridesmaids can choose the style they like the best.

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4. Come prepared

Ask your girls to come prepared when you go bridesmaid dress shopping. Let them know they need to wear a nude strapless bra and nude underwear. It’s also useful for them to bring a pair of heels the same height they plan to wear with their dress. This depends on whether you’re asking everyone to wear the same shoes or if they can wear their own.

5. Enjoy every minute

Bridesmaid dress shopping is such a special time, so make it fun! Turn it into an all-day event and go out for lunch too. Besides finding your wedding dress, this will be one of the most fun days of wedding planning. Having your best girls together trying on beautiful dresses will make the whole thing feel more real.

Remember, these are the girls who will be standing by your side as you enter the biggest chapter of your life. Enjoy every minute you get to spend with them.

Discover the perfect bridesmaid dress shopping experience at The Wedding Gallery – book your appointment with us today.

By Holly Sutton

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5 top tips for the best bridesmaid dress shopping experience ever