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Bridesmaids 101: The Most Essential Duties You Need To Know

Find out exactly what is involved in the role of a bridesmaid.

Bridesmaids 101: The Most Essential Duties You Need To Know

Do you feel lost when it comes to understanding the duties of your bridesmaids? You’re not the only one.

Whether you choose friends or family members, there are lots of people who can fill the position of a bridesmaid.  But knowing how your bridesmaids can best support you can be tricky for any bride-to-be. In this post, we’ve got everything you need to know. Welcome to our essential list of bridesmaids duties!

The first thing that’s important to clear up is the difference between bridesmaids and Maid of Honour.

A Maid of Honour will basically act as your “chief bridesmaid”. Her biggest job is to listen to the bride, offer her support and make sure you’re okay throughout the whole process of planning your wedding. Bridesmaids are there to support the bride and the Maid of Honour.

The role of a Maid of Honour is one of the most important wedding jobs. It’s about being there for the bride every step of the way. And that’s the same for bridesmaids too.

But if you’re unsure as to what is expected of you as bridesmaids, here are some handy tips to get you in line for the best bridesmaid ever award.

Bridesmaids duties: before the wedding

  • Make sure you’re all aware of the pre-wedding events and if you’re invited somewhere (e.g. to a dress fitting, be sure to make a note of it).
  • If you’re helping with the planning of the wedding, be more specific. If there’s a certain area you’d like to help out with, ask specifically about that.
  • Plan and co-host the hen do’!
  • You are welcome to assist the bride by shopping for possible bridesmaids dresses and accessories.
  • Break in your shoes before the wedding day!
  • Offer to run errands like collecting certain things.
  • Make sure you can attend the ceremony rehearsal and you’re aware of your transport arrangements on the day of the wedding.
  • It’s completely up to you whether you buy the bride a gift but this is usually a lovely, personal touch.

Bridesmaids duties: on the wedding day

  • The mother-of-the-bride will be on hand to make sure you all look beautiful and have the correct bouquets.
  • Be on hand to receive flower deliveries, meet suppliers, give the bride food when she’s not eaten in ages (and any other special jobs the bride may give you).
  • Carry a small emergency kit with you just in case. A few things to include could be some needle and thread, plasters, deodorant, and a make-up touch-up kit.
  • The Maid of Honour usually holds the bride’s bouquet during the ceremony.
  • Assist the bride before she walks down the aisle by arranging her train and veil before the ceremony begins.
  • Do this throughout the day by helping her carry her train where necessary and helping her in/out of cars. Practice beforehand so you know how to handle her dress with care.
  • Greet guests and speak to everyone. Direct them to places, invite people to sign the guestbook and tell them where the best place is to put cards and presents.
  • Make sure the bride gets a glass of fizz and eats something too – it can be a very busy day for the couple.
  • When it’s time to dance, get on the dancefloor and get the rest of the guests involved!
  • Relax and enjoy yourself. Laugh, love and remember this day – it’s one to remember for you too.

Every bride has moments of stress during the planning of the wedding and on the day, she’ll be more nervous than you realise. Be there for her. Give her hugs and reassuring words. Provide plenty of emotional support for her as well as planning tips.

Be a trusted friend and a listener. Challenges are a part of wedding planning so if something doesn’t go to plan on the day, get her to look at the positives. You could also book her a spa treatment closer to the wedding that would be something you would all enjoy.

But the most important thing to remember is this: the bride chose her bridesmaids for a reason. That’s definitely something to be grateful for.

By Holly Sutton

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