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Celebrating Your Engagement? This Is What To Do Next

It’s time to kick start your wedding planning.

Celebrating Your Engagement? This Is What To Do Next

Have you recently been celebrating your engagement? If so, congratulations! We know what an exciting time this is for you and we can only imagine how many wedding magazines you’ve picked up so far…

Seeing your partner get down on one knee and ask you those four words is a moment you’ll remember forever. We know you’re excited – but we also know that you’ll be feeling slightly overwhelmed too. Now the real planning begins! But where do you start? Well to save you from feeling confused or missing something out, we’re covering the most important things you need to do right after your engagement.

Get insured

Can’t stop looking at the gorgeous ring on your finger? Make sure you get insurance for it. You’re going to be wearing it for the rest of your life, showing it to everyone, and it’ll become a part of your daily life. You don’t want to lose it or ruin it – be sure to read up on the times when you shouldn’t wear your engagement ring here.

Find a reputable company for your insurance, and we’d actually advise getting insurance for your whole wedding too. Your venue might have some recommendations (more on that shortly!) It’s a great idea to save you a lot of worry and stress if something does go wrong.

Start looking at dates and venues

For starters, it’s great to have an idea of a date in mind when you start looking at venues, so you can see if they have your date available. And keep in mind that venues get booked up quickly. When we booked our venue it was at the start of 2017 – they were nearly booked up for 2018 and had already started booking dates for 2019!

For more help with the questions you need to ask your wedding venue, bookmark this blog post.

Go to wedding fairs and talk to suppliers

This is a great thing to do after your engagement because you’ll get so many ideas of what you want AND what you don’t want. You’ll even find that venues host wedding fairs too – that’s how we find ours. Plus, what’s even better about that is that at the fair there’ll usually be a selection of suppliers who work with the venue, which means they’ll know exactly what they’re doing.

Pick a way to stay organised

There are a huge variety of wedding tools out there. It’s important to choose how you’re going to stay organised from the get-go, especially for keeping track of invoices, due dates, suppliers and so on. But it will also be helpful for you in terms of what you want your wedding day to be.

A great way to do this is to lay out a timeline of your wedding from the date of your engagement to the date of your wedding and break it down into sections with everything you need to get done.

Create a mood board

Once you’ve got a date and booked your venue, now you can start bringing your ideas together. This can be on paper or on Pinterest which is our favourite. But the idea of a mood board is to help you stay on track when it comes to your colour scheme and the overall theme of your wedding.

Talk to someone

If you want not just ideas for bringing your wedding day to life, but advice about planning a wedding in general, your best bet is to talk to a professional. That’s why we offer 75-minute planning consultations here at The Wedding Gallery.

This acts as a friendly, expert introduction to your wedding planning process, whatever it is that you’re looking for. You’ll receive a bespoke hard copy of The Wedding Edit, which includes details of the brands and services you’ve been introduced to. We’ll also give you direct introductions to our partner brands who are just right for you. Plus, you get a glass of fizz!


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By Holly Sutton

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Celebrating your engagement_ This is what to do next