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How To Make An Amazing Father Of The Bride Speech

Whether this is your first father of the bride speech or you’ve got a band of daughters to walk down the aisle, a little advice can go a long way.

How To Make An Amazing Father Of The Bride Speech

Let’s paint a picture. It’s your daughter’s big day. The vows are done and the food has been eaten. Now it’s your moment to make your father of the bride speech and share your thoughts with friends, family and guests.

No matter what order you decide for the speeches, the father of the bride speech is always one to look forward to. Every dad wants their moment to be memorable (read: go down in history!), so here are our tips on how to make a brilliant father of the bride speech.

1. Share childhood stories

Stories from the past always go down a treat in a father of the bride speech. After all, you’re only one of two people who have known her for her whole life. Funny moments of tantrums past and snippets of her character forming at a young age make for great icebreakers and guarantee smiles all around.

Then move onto to talk about her teenage years, her achievements and things that you are proud of now that your little girl is a fully-fledged (and now married) woman.

2. Talk about your son-in-law

The second essential of a father of the bride speech is to talk about your new son-in-law. You could maybe mention what happened when he met the family (a great opportunity for a funny story to delight your guests and make him squirm). Or maybe talk about an experience you both shared that made you realise that he was the one for her. Either way, a balance of funny, charming and heart-warming – these bits are best saved to round up this section of your speech – will do the trick.

3. Share stories about love from your own experience

Take a stance as one of the most experienced men in the room by adding your own words of wisdom about relationships, love and marriage. Struggling to put them into words? Check out our recommendations here.

4. Add in funny moments…

If you use funny anecdotes, especially at the beginning of your speech, these will warm up your audience. Getting a few laughs at the start is a great confidence boost if you’re feeling nervous. Sharing some stories from your daughter’s childhood are always good crowd pleasers.

5. …But keep them clean

Your daughter will know she’s going to blush…but she won’t want to be left mortified by any stories – about you or her! With that in mind, it’s best to leave the really naughty anecdotes to the best man.

6. Serious moments are just as important

When it comes to the jokes, remember one thing – all things in moderation. Don’t push too hard for endless gags. Your audience – and of course, your daughter – will really appreciate the heartfelt moments and any words of wisdom you have to offer.

7. Make the groom’s family feel welcome

The father of the bride speech is a great way to let your daughter’s new family know that you can’t wait to spend time with them too. It’s likely you’ll cross paths at a number of important occasions in the future, such as Christmas, birthdays and christenings, so it’s important to welcome them with open arms.

8. Keep an eye on the time

Whilst we have no doubt that the crowd will be hanging on your every word, it’s best to try and keep your father of the bride speech around the 10-minute mark. It’s also worth doing a rehearsal (or three) before your big moment to smooth out any potential hiccups.

9. Add a personal touch with props

Is there a teddy bear or doll that your little girl couldn’t live without when she was younger? Or an embarrassing (but not too embarrassing) photo of her as a child that guests will love to see? Send her on a trip down memory lane by showing her during your speech.

10. Finish with a toast

Follow tradition and round up your father or the bride speech by asking everyone to stand and toast the bride and groom. Then smile, breath and clap – you did it! Now it’s time to enjoy the party…


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By Holly Sutton

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how to make an amazing father of the bride speech