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This Is How To Make Your First Dance Really Memorable

Get those dancing shoes on.

This Is How To Make Your First Dance Really Memorable

There’s no doubt that you’ll have seen a lot of weird and wonderful first dances on YouTube and other social media platforms. We bet you’ve spent a lot of time thinking: “how can I follow that?”

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with having a traditional first dance. But a lot of couples choose this moment of their wedding day to showcase their quirks and personality as a couple. Keep reading to find out five ways to make your first dance really memorable and unique.

1. Choose a song that represents you as a couple

There are countless guides out there to help you pick the “perfect” first dance song. But you’ll usually find that the same songs come up over and over again, whether it’s a romantic ballad or a popular song from the past year. This is great if one of these songs is your all-time favourite. But if you’re not a fan and you feel like you’re choosing a song because you have to, it might be time to rethink.

The song you pick doesn’t have to anything too “out there”. The main point is that it means something to you and reflects your style. Remember, it’s your special moment.

2. Have your wedding band perform the song live

It’s so unique to have a bespoke live performance of your first dance song. If you’ve got a DJ and would prefer to opt to dance to a recording of the song, that’s fine. But if you do get the opportunity to have your first dance song performed live, do it.

If you ask your band to perform the song, this is also a great way to introduce them to the evening reception and get the party started. Just be sure to give them enough notice to learn your chosen song.

3. Add a surprise

We totally understand if you rolled your eyes at this. You might be bored of reading about quirky weddings online and are sick of the standard surprise that comes with a first dance. But you can still make it work if you approach it in the right way.

The best part about surprise entertainment is the surprise element of it. Plus it can come in so many different forms so feel free to get creative. Just remember to tailor it towards your personality as a couple.

4. Karaoke

We’ve seen this more and more recently with the rise in popularity of karaoke as a concept for a first dance. So if you want to go for an unconventional option but still want the limelight, a duet with you and your groom is a great idea. Why not set the evening off with a song chosen by both of and sung by the two of you? Add your band as the backing and you’ve got the perfect show.

5. Fill the dance floor immediately

You’ll be surprised how three minutes of your first dance can feel like an eternity for some couples. What usually happens is that guests are invited up to join you after a couple of verses. But a great, alternative way to kick off the night is to announce ‘everyone on the dancefloor’ and enjoy your first dance with all your guests.

Your chosen entertainment will love it if you do this. It can be so difficult to fill a completely empty dancefloor after a first dance. So if you can do this for them before they’ve played a single note, you’ll be in for a great night.

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By Holly Sutton

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This is how to make your first dance really memorable