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Groomsmen 101: The Most Essential Duties You Need To Know

Find out exactly what the groomsmen have to do on the big day.


Last week we focused on the girls. Now it’s time for the guys..

This is our straightforward, practical advice for the best man and groomsmen at a wedding. Share this with your future husband, his friends and be sure to pin the post at the bottom for future reference. Now you can take comfort in the fact that your whole bridal party knows what’s going on.

Sometimes, guys don’t realise what a big deal it actually is to be asked to be a best man or groomsmen. One of the first questions my fiancé’s friends asked him when they were asked was, “what does a groomsman actually do?” Because naturally, they all want to know what’s going to make them so special!

The truth is, you’re going to be both usher and supporter as you help the groom on his big day and make sure he has the best time ever. Follow these simple guidelines to get yourself off to a great start.

Groomsmen duties: before the wedding

  • The best man usually acts as the groom’s personal assistant. This can range from helping him with his speech to helping him decide what to pack for his honeymoon!
  • Make sure you’re all happy with your groomsmen attire and you get all your kit sorted out in advance (yes, this does require a suit fitting!)
  • Work together to sort out your accommodation for groomsmen that might be travelling from out of town.
  • The best man usually organises the stag do, but the other groomsmen can get involved too! It’s also customary that the cost of the event is divided between you. And be sure to choose something the groom would actually love to do.
  • Make a note of all the events leading up to the wedding and attend them. For instance, if the wedding is in a church, there will usually be a rehearsal the week before so you know where you need to stand.
  • The night before the wedding, make sure the groom has a relaxing evening and gets to bed at a decent time.

Groomsmen duties: on the day of the wedding

  • Make sure the groom has a great breakfast to start the biggest day of his life.
  • Get him to the church on time! Plus, make sure you’re aware of the photographer’s plans – they will usually visit where you’re getting ready to get some natural shots.
  • Arrive at the ceremony within good time.
  • The most important job for groomsmen is to usher guests to their seats. Usually only immediate family have allocated seats and other people can pick and choose.
  • The best man is usually in charge of carrying the bride’s ring, so be sure to keep it safe until vows are exchanged.
  • Again at the reception, usher people to their seats and direct them to the restroom etc.
  • Greet suppliers and offer your help carrying flowers and assisting people with transport.
  • Dance with the bridesmaids and especially the bride during the reception. The bride will be just as happy you’re a groomsman as the groom!
  • The best man does usually have to make a speech. Try to make it more about the bride and groom as a couple.
  • Show people where they can put cards if they are only attending the evening reception.
  • The best man usually offers a wedding present to the bride and groom. Feel free to team up with the other groomsmen and bridesmaids for this. This way, you can get them something that will blow them away!
  • A fun job…decorate the getaway car!

And most importantly, enjoy yourself. This is the happiest day of your best friend’s life and you’re playing a key role. Have fun and embrace every minute.

By Holly Sutton

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