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Honeymoon Tips: What Should You Pack In Your Hand Luggage?

This is our essential information for your hand luggage must-haves.

Honeymoon Tips: What Should You Pack In Your Hand Luggage?

Let’s face it – hand luggage is the trickiest part of packing.

Not only do you have fit your beauty and make-up products into small containers, untangle all your chargers and headphones, but you’ve also got to consider WHAT you’re actually going to pack.

It’s difficult, right?

So to help you out, we’re giving you some honeymoon tips in the form of handbag essentials. Get ready to find out the bits and bobs you need to be organised and enjoy this very special trip.


We’d always advise carrying your technical items in your hand luggage. This is just in case they get damaged or something happens to your suitcase. Anything to keep you entertained on your flight! Be sure to take hand luggage that is big enough to fit in all your items without worrying about them breaking.

Besides, hand luggage doesn’t have to be a backpack these days. We LOVE Ted Baker’s line of hand luggage. And don’t forget your headphones!

P.S. One of our best honeymoon tips is to always check what size baggage you’re allowed with the airline you’re travelling with. You don’t want to be caught out.


Whether you’re going somewhere sunny or your eyes are sensitive to light, sunglasses are a must-have. You’ll definitely need these when you land, so keep them close buy. Nothing finishes an outfit off more than a chic pair of sunglasses.

Small hairbrush or comb

I bet you can think of plenty of reasons why this might come in handy.

A Tangle Teezer is going to be your best friend. There’s a huge range available whatever your hair type and style. And the best bit about them is that they’re small enought to fit anywhere. Plus, brands such Keratese and Olaplex (which we use at The Wedding Gallery) do travel-sized versions of their products too. Make sure you plan in advance and stock up on anything you need to.

Purse and travel wallet

We always talk about a travel wallet when it comes to honeymoon tips. You can keep everything in there from money, to your passports and all your travel documents. Let’s face it, you won’t be going anywhere without this information, so it’s important to keep it in a safe place. Take a look in advance what documents you need and have them all to hand.

Makeup bag

Now we’re not saying pack all your daily essentials in one huge bag. First of all you need to deicide whether you’re actually going to wear makeup or go bare faced. That’s your call.

Either way, it’s good to have a few plane-essentials. Get a clear makeup bag for these as it’ll save you loads of time when you go through security.

Hand gel

Even if you consider yourself to be a really clean person, these are honeymoon tips that we can’t ignore.

What state do you think an aeroplane bathoom is in by the end of a flight? It’s usually flithy. This is made worse by all the recycled air, which makes them perfect places to catch whatever bug is going around. Take hand wash and use it before you eat anything and after you touch something. You’ll thank us later!


Unfortunately your favourite lipstick won’t cut it on your honeymoon travel adventure. Planes are known for drying out the skin. If you’ve been working hard on making your skin nice and glowy, the lack of humidty and oxygen will soon stop that in its tracks.

Be prepared by having a small pot of moisturisers and lip balm in case you feel like your skin needs a bit of extra hydration.

It’s also a good idea to take some eyedrops with you. It’s natural for your eyes to get dry and irritable on a plan – almost like hayfever. Eyedrops will give them a bit of nourishment which will really help. And don’t forget to buy a bottle of water!

Tinted lip balm

If you only take one item of makeup on board this is it. You want to look the full part when you step off the plane.


Our round of hand luggage honeymoon tips is complete. What’s a must-have item you’ll be taking?

Don’t miss out on booking an appointment to visit a consultant at The Wedding Gallery to help bring your wedding planning dreams to life.

By Holly Sutton

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