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Your Ultimate List Of Makeup Items To Carry On Your Big Day

Take this as a guideline for keeping things fresh on your big day.

Your Ultimate List Of Makeup Items To Carry On Your Big Day

It’s no secret that on your wedding day, you want to remain fresh-faced and beautiful throughout. But we know this isn’t always easy when you’re busy checking everything is perfect, greeting guests or dancing through the night.

So we’ve put together an essential list of makeup items which could all fit in your clutch and keep you looking and feeling radiant. Just make sure you entrust the bag to someone who won’t go overboard on the champagne. Otherwise, you might end up losing your little bag of lifesavers!

1. Lip balm

Who wants dry lips on their wedding day? It’s so easy when you’re rushing around, to forget about your lips. But if you think about it, they’re one of the most important things on your wedding day when it gets to “you may now kiss the bride!”

On your list of makeup items should be lip balm and use it in the run to and during your wedding. If you get one containing avocado olive oils and beeswax, it moisturises and smooths. Our other tip if you want to avoid chapped lips: stay hydrated!

2. Perfume

Not the whole bottle, but a little one that fits perfectly in your purse. You probably wouldn’t think to carry a fragrance in your bag all day, but you’ll be pleased that you do. What you put on in the morning may have faded after all the movement, hugs and kisses, so it’s nice to top up in the evening. And if you should feel a tiny bit sweaty, it’ll reassure you to have something nice to spritz then and there.

3. Mattifying powder

Everyone loves to hit the dance floor on their wedding day, but it can get hot and (dare we say) a little sweaty. But, of course, no bride sweats on her wedding day – she glows!

Either way, to give you a radiant appearance all day, mattifying powder should be added to your list of makeup items. It’s perfect for setting your makeup. Concentrate on the oily areas to ensure your makeup looks flawless all day, powdering for a beautiful finished look.

4. Concealer

We all know planning a wedding can be stressful (and you may lose a little bit of sleep over it from time to time). So it’s a great idea to carry a little touch-up concealer with you on your wedding day. Brownie points if you get a waterproof one so you can dance all night long.

5. Lipstick

Keep your lips looking luscious and full by carrying, if you’re wearing some, your lipstick with you on your big day. It’s a great way to define your lip shape and keep them looking hydrated. Even if you don’t wear it during the day, it’s a fun thing to have on hand if you want a day-to-night beauty look.


Do you want help figuring out your wedding day list of makeup items? Book an appointment to visit our Beauty team at Urban Retreat right here.

By Holly Sutton

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Your ultimate list of makeup items to carry on your big day