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Love quotes for your wedding vows

Writing your vows is easier said than done.

Love Quotes - The Wedding Gallery London

Isn’t it strange how we can say the most inspiring things when talking from the heart, but we struggle when preparing our wedding vows?

No matter how great you are when talking to your soulmate or even writing essays and journalistic pieces, truth is writing your vows can be challenging. The fear of not saying enough (or too much) combined with the fact that everyone will be watching, makes this process quite intimidating. To that, add the high expectations your partner has from you – can it get any more difficult?

Having difficulty in writing your vows doesn’t mean you don’t love your partner enough. On the contrary, it shows how much you care about their feelings and reveals a need to make this as perfect as possible. Take a deep breath and try not to panic. Besides, what matters the most is being loyal and loving towards your partner on a daily basis and not just that one time on the wedding day.

To make things easier for you, we sourced the web and found the most touching, inspiring love quotes from films, songs etc. Feel free to get inspired, perhaps even use some of them to your speech and let your creativity flow – sometimes all we need is a little push!

Love Quotes - The Wedding Gallery London

Love Quotes - The Wedding Gallery London

Love Quotes - The Wedding Gallery London

Love Quotes - The Wedding Gallery London

Love Quotes - The Wedding Gallery London

Love Quotes - The Wedding Gallery London

If you still have trouble putting together a coherent speech that expresses your true feelings, here are some tips that should help you:

Agree on format and tone with your partner

You don’t want to be all funny and cheeky, while they have prepared a more poetic speech, do you?

Write down notes about your relationship

Perhaps a funny incident or an important event (and even argument) that led to the proposal? How about the things that inspire you the most about them? Simply start writing down things and brainstorm with yourself. All great ideas started like this, whether that’s a new start-up project or a brilliant ad.

Come up with one or two promises

(and keep them)

Take out anything embarassing

Family and friends will witness your bonding-for-life, so maybe avoid talking about personal stuff.

Do you have any more favourite love quotes or tips to share?

By Alexia Sakellariou