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9 Of The Best Tips For Planning A Luxury Honeymoon Trip

This is how you can have a high-end honeymoon for less.

9 Of The Best Tips For Planning A Luxury Honeymoon Trip

When you’re planning your honeymoon trip, you want a once in a lifetime luxury opportunity. But what if you don’t have the budget for it? Luckily, we’ve got some top tips on how you can plan a honeymoon that’s got all the luxury, whilst still being affordable.

Take your time

Booking a luxury honeymoon trip isn’t something you want to rush. There are so many destinations and adventures to choose from that it can get a little overwhelming when you first start to look. Be patient, take your time and make sure you consider the elements of your honeymoon trip that are most important to you.

Look for a package

You want to make the booking process as simple as possible. That’s why it’s so useful to plan everything with a travel company like Abercrombie & Kent. They create and design tailor-made holidays based on what you want and cover every single detail. These people are experts when it comes to honeymoons. They’ll make sure you don’t forget anything (and might even throw some surprises in too!)

Ask for money as gifts

If you really can’t decide what you want for your wedding presents, why not ask for honeymoon donations instead? This will make such a difference. You can even set up a website where people can gift their money to you and let them know what your destination is going to be (if you know it). The cost of your honeymoon trip can soon add up so the more help you can get, the better.

Start with a mini-moon

A mini-moon is becoming the trendy thing to do right now, especially if you’re getting married in peak season. Whether it’s Paris, Venice or the beautiful countryside of the Cotswolds, this is a great chance for you to save more towards your luxury honeymoon trip. There are plenty of destinations that have year-long wonderful climates and if you go off-peak, you’ll save even more money.

Check your currency

Keep checking your currency so you can get the best value for money while you’re away.!

Book further in advance than you think

It’s the same when you’re booking suppliers for your wedding, it’s so much better when you book in advance. Don’t let wedding planning take over and leave booking your honeymoon trip to the last minute. It’ll save you so much stress and worry if you book in advance. The best travel deals aren’t necessarily the ones left until the last minute.

Keep an eye on the calendar

There are so many different national holidays on the calendar that it’s a good idea to keep these in mind when you’re booking your trip. School holidays and festival season will obviously be more expensive so try and avoid those times if you can.

Don’t keep it quiet

Wherever you go on your honeymoon, drop in that you’re on your honeymoon! People love a newlywed couple and they might give you a few freebies or special surprises while you’re on your trip.

Try a travel app

If you download an app, you can get all the best deals delivered to your phone that you can browse whenever you want. Perfect for when you’re having a coffee date with your bridal party.

Need help planning your luxury honeymoon trip? Come and visit The Wedding Gallery where we can put you in touch with Abercrombie & Kent to create you a tailor-made escape as individual as the people it’s created for.

By Holly Sutton

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9 Of The Best Tips For Planning A Luxury Honeymoon Trip