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5 Terrific Reasons Why You Need A Master Of Ceremonies

Get ready to have the best day of your life.

5 Terrific Reasons Why You Need A Master Of Ceremonies

Just think about this for a second. Somewhere, right now – someone has just said “yes” to the question, “will you marry me?”

Maybe you’re reading thing right now thinking, “hey that’s me!” If so we can’t wait to share this advice with you today.

Maybe you already know what your colour scheme is going to be. We bet you have an idea of who you’ll pick for your bridesmaids. You might even know what your first dance song is going to be.

But have you thought about getting a master of ceremonies for your wedding reception? Have you even considered what the point of a master of ceremonies actually is? You might’ve been thinking to ask one of your guests. But how reliable will they be after a few drinks?

Well first, we wouldn’t advise asking one of your guests to be your master of ceremonies, purely because they’ll want to celebrate your big day. It might be overwhelming for them to coordinate the day and they’d actually have to follow a very strict schedule. You don’t want to have to worry about anything – that’s why we’d suggest hiring a professional.

So how do you pick one? And is there really a point to having one? We think there is and this is why.

1. Your reception will be the best thing ever

What’s great about a master of ceremonies is that they read the people in the crowd and keep them entertained. They build a rapport with them that takes them through the wedding reception into the evening do’. Your aim is to keep the momentum going, right? This way, your wedding will definitely be one for your guests to remember.

A master of ceremonies will get to know you both as a couple and help you bring the vision for your wedding reception to life.

2. They’ll help the day flow

Your master of ceremonies will meet with you to plan your day in detail and they’ll also stick to a pretty strict time schedule. They will want to make sure that your wedding reception has everything you want.

They’ll talk to you about a timeline, suggest ways to enhance the event and activities that will make people feel more connected, and make your wedding completely unique. They’ll know how to make the event flow into the evening and always make sure they take your expectations into account.

3. They’ll bring your guests together

Your master of ceremonies will be great at bringing everyone together. Whether it’s close friends and family or distant relatives, they’ll want to know who’s going to be at your wedding. They’ll take time to mingle with your guests and make sure that connection is flowing all the way through the event.

4. They’ll keep your bridal party in check

From directing your bridal party at the reception to organising their introductions, and making sure the toasts and special dances go ahead with no problems – that’s what your master of ceremonies is for. They’ll also be there to help the flow of speeches which will make the main men a lot less nervous too.

5. They know what they’re doing

Being a master of ceremonies means more than just knowing how to talk with a microphone. It’s about knowing your audience, managing a room filled with people and making sure that everyone has the time of their lives. That’s what it’s all about.

Do you want to always remember the magic you felt on your wedding day? Book an appointment to meet one of our wedding coordinators and start your wedding planning journey today.

By Holly Sutton
Image Credit: Chiko Photography

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5 terrific reasons why you need a master of ceremonies