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6 Of The Best Mother-Of-The Bride Shopping Tips

Follow these guidelines to help her find the perfect outfit.

6 Of The Best Mother-Of-The Bride Shopping Tips

Your mum is one of the happiest people on your wedding day. She’ll be involved in so many special moments on the day itself and leading up to it.

But she’ll also be nervous because the mother-of-the-bride outfit is actually a big deal. Everyone will be looking to see what she’s wearing and how she fits in with your theme. Not to mention all the pictures there’ll be of her.

Shopping for her mother-of-the-bride outfit is a special occasion and she could probably use a helping hand. So here are our best tips to keep in mind.

1. Talk to her about what she wants

Your mum is likely to know A LOT about your wedding – she’s basically your wedding planner, right? You ask for her opinions on your colour scheme, cake ideas and so on. But really make a point of talking to her about every single aspect. Talk about the routine of the day, how you want your wedding to feel and what kind of style you’re going for.

Something I did with my mum was make a mood board. This was great because we realised we were both on the same page. You’ve then got a visual guide moving forward, and it’s a lot of fun too!

2. Start shopping early enough

One thing you’ll come to realise about wedding planning is to start everything earlier than you think. That includes shopping for the mother-of-the-bride outfit.

The reason to start early is that it just means you’ll have enough time. You’ll have enough time to find something she really loves and to go back for fittings and find accessories. My mum actually waited until I got my wedding dress before she shopped for hers, which worked out perfectly. It’s also good if she fits in with the bridesmaids too – think how beautiful the pictures will be!

3. Be clear about colours

Knowing your colour scheme is so important before you start shopping for anything. Some brides prefer that their mums wear a colour to match the bridal party (a rich green if bridesmaids are in a pale shade of green for example). But what can be nicer is if your mum’s dress compliments your bridal party, so she still stands out on her own.

For instance, if your dress is ivory and your bridesmaids are in pink, your mum could pick a mother-of-the-bride outfit that’s a mixture of both, and maybe a different texture. Just remember to make sure she’s picking a colour that she loves and that suits her. And let her know she’s welcome to chat to you about it whenever she wants.

4. Pick the right style

Your mum will know what suits her and what doesn’t. She won’t want to upstage you, but she also won’t want to look frumpy. There are plenty of options now to help your mum look classic and glamorous.

She could opt for a short jacket, long coat or even full-length ballgown. Make sure she tries on different styles so she picks one that’s best for her. Talk to each other and remember that your wedding day is just as special for her. She’ll want to look good and feel comfortable and confident.

5. Consider the style of your wedding

There are lots of elements to consider when it comes to choosing the mother-of-the-bride outfit, which is exactly the same for your wedding dress. The season you’re getting married in is important, as well as how formal or traditional your wedding will be.

For instance, if you’re having an outdoor wedding with rustic elements, she’ll feel out of place in a glamorous ballgown. Consider the style of your wedding and trust me – she’ll know when she’s wearing the outfit for her.

6. Coordinate with your future mother-in-law

You might think it’s old-fashioned, but this is still a really important step to cover. Usually, the mother-of-the-bride picks her outfit first, as it determines what the mother-of-the-groom will wear. Basically, your partner’s mum can’t clash with your mum!

Who buys first doesn’t really matter. What’s important is that they both feel confident and comfortable in what they’re wearing. It’s probably best that they don’t match (you don’t want them both wearing pink), but you don’t want them to clash either.

Encourage them to have a conversation so they know what they both plan on wearing. They might get on well enough to go shopping together. Or you could go shopping with each of them and give them a few pointers.

But most of all, enjoy it! This is such a big occasion for your mum. When she picks the perfect outfit she’ll completely come into her own as the mother-of-the-bride.

By Holly Sutton

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6 of the best mother-of-the-bride shopping tips