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9 Of The Most Amazing Ideas For Naming Your Reception Tables

From special dates to meaningful lyrics - there are no rules!

9 Of The Most Amazing Ideas For Naming Your Reception Tables

It’s no wonder you feel overwhelmed when you think about styling your reception tables – there’s a lot to consider. Classic white linen or a hue to match your flowers? Towering floral centrepieces or petite blooms? Calligraphied menus? Flickering candles? Gold charger plates? But whilst it’s easy to get caught up in the look and design of your tablescapes, there’s another aspect that’s just as important (and fun!) to think about – the names.

Some couples like to keep their reception tables low-key and minimalist by using numbers (and there are plenty of stylish ways to do this. But if you and your partner are looking to stamp your personalities on every part of your day, then tables names are a great place to start.

After all, the possibilities are endless. Your inspiration comes from everything you both love and everything that makes you – and your relationship – unique. So from the sweet to the silly, here are some ideas to get you thinking.

1. Special dates

Did you first lock eyes across a crowded room on November 22nd? Got the keys to your first house on May 1st? December 31st brought fireworks and diamond ring? Not all your guests will know these details, so what better way to share the key moments in your love story?

2. Famous duos

From Romeo & Juliet to Kim & Kanye, there are millions of romantic couples to choose from for your reception tables. But why stop there? You can also think about musical partnerships you love, TV couples, or give your guests some laughs with everyday double acts such as Netflix & Chill (top tip: don’t sit your grandparents on that one…)

3. Book, movie or song titles

This is a fun one – we recommend choosing five each to nip any squabbles in the bud. And once you’ve got a shortlist of the films and tunes you love, you also get to choose whether to just use the names in chic print or calligraphy or to get crafty by sourcing the actual merchandise.

You can frame album covers, use vinyl LPs, or place paperbacks in the middle of your centrepiece flowers.

4. Your Vows

Make sure the sentiment of your vows is felt throughout the day by including them on your reception tables. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve written your own promises or kept things traditional. Picking out words or phrases (this can be as simple as “love”, “cherish”, and “to have and to hold”) reminds your guests that it’s not just about the party and Prosecco.

5. Favourite places

Maybe you’ve travelled a lot together – cue a world of tables names from across the globe. Alternatively, you could go for streets or towns where you’ve both lived (separately and together), your go-to UK escapes or even beloved pubs or restaurants – anywhere you’ve made memories.

6. Things you love

Now, we know this is a pretty vague category, but that’s because there are no rules! Obsessed with fashion? Have tables of your favourite designers. Your other half is a football nut? Name your tables after the champs. Constellations, cocktails, characters from Game of Thrones…if it means something to you, share it with your guests!

7. Photographs

We all know that a picture says a thousand words. So why not swap written names for your favourite photos? The two of you together, treasured family snaps, pictures of your pets or even that snap of you goofing around on your last holiday. Your guests will love them (and they’ll be great talking points for ice-breakers too!)

8. Quotes or lyrics

Whether you take inspiration from Shakespeare, a favourite love song or Family Guy, you’re sure to find words that nail the tone you’re after. Emotional, wise or downright hilarious, it’s up to you!

9. Props

Would you prefer to fill your tables with interesting ‘things’ rather than words? Then display easily identifiable items on your reception tables as names. Here are a few cool and quirky ideas we like:

  • Retro board games (these also double up as entertainment for tipsy guests later on)
  • Piles of your favourite glossy magazines
  • Framed art prints
  • Fun animal sculptures
  • Oversized snow globes (ideal for a winter wedding)


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By Holly Sutton

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9 of the most amazing ideas for naming your reception tables