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8 Of The Most Important Things To Remember When Planning A New Year's Eve Wedding

All those must-haves for December 31st.

8 of the most important things to remember when planning a new year's eve wedding

A New Year’s Eve wedding is one of the best night’s of the year. It comes with all the excitement, romance and fun already built in. And practically, it’s actually a very savvy date to get married too. You’ll be able to catch people living abroad who are home for Christmas, most people have the day (and the next day) off work, and everyone will be grateful to you for making their NYE plans for them (especially a plan that doesn’t involve super long queues.

We think a New Year’s Eve wedding is a great idea – as long as you’re prepared. You might be excited about the different decor ideas that are available, but today we’re talking logistics. These are the things you need to remember if your wedding date happens to be December 31st.

1. Book early (and don’t forget the small print)

A New Year’s Eve wedding is a very popular date for a lot of couples. So make sure you book your venue and favourite suppliers as early as possible.

Read your contracts through in great detail. Look out for any additional fees for working on New Year’s Eve or on a bank holiday (if they’ll be working after midnight).

We also recommend double checking the timings for your big day too. Certain deliveries might need to be made earlier in the day, and your photographer probably finishes up after the first dance when you might be expecting them to stay until midnight.

2. Give lots of notice

This stands true for all Christmas weddings, but give as much notice as you can. Six months is perfect or a New Year’s Eve wedding. People may be booking holidays with family and friends months in advance so if you want everyone to be able to make it, give them a generous heads up.

3. Extend your bar

There won’t be much point in having a New Year’s Eve wedding at a venue that wraps up at 12:30 or 1 am. So make sure your venue offers a late night bar before you book.

You might have to pay extra for bar extension, but it’ll be more than worth it to keep the party raging on until the early hours. (You might want to lay on a few midnight snacks too!)

4. Block Book Accommodation

Wedding guests can be famously last-minute when it comes to booking their accommodation, which is usually not a big deal. Unless it’s New Year’s Eve. Hotels and guesthouses get booked up quickly, especially as most guests are likely to stay over rather than make the journey home.

If your venue can accommodate all your guests, try to block book as many rooms as possible. If not, contact a nearby hotel that will take block bookings too.

Encourage your guests to book as early as possible – keep those text reminders going!

5. Consider a bus

If you think lots of guests will be heading home after your wedding, consider putting on transport. Especially if it’s a city wedding or a venue near to where most of your guests live. This could be as simple as having a cab company on standby to hiring a minibus to do a couple of runs.

This is a gesture that your guests will appreciate no end and put them at east to enjoy the night ahead without worrying about how they’ll get home.

6. Think about the kids

If you’ve decided not to have children you can skip past this one. But if you are, it’s wise to have a plan for some form of entertainment or childcare.

A New Year’s Eve wedding will be a late one and you’ll want the parents to let their hair down as much as possible. Look into hiring a babysitter on-site nearby for the kids, find a room next to your reception for them to watch films (or have a nap), or provide some kind of games or entertainment.

If you’re not sure what would be the best option, talk to one or two of your guests with kids to get an idea of what to do.

7. Create a big countdown

You’re not going to be watching the clock on your wedding day, believe us. So talk to your venue to coordinate a countdown to midnight.

While your wedding is still the main celebration, you probably want to do something special for midnight. This could be a toast with bubble, some sparklers or confetti or even fireworks.

Chat with your band or DJ about announcing the countdown and, more importantly, what big tune you’d like to hear for the first song of the new year.

8. Don’t forget to tip

Try to keep room in your budget to provide a tip for any bar staff, babysitters, or waiters working late on New Year’s Eve.

Tips are always appreciated by anyone who works at your wedding, but on New Year’s Eve, they’re particularly warranted.


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By Holly Sutton

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8 of the most important things to remember when planning a New Year's Eve wedding