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How To Incorporate Outdoor Games To Play At Your Wedding

Get ready to kick those heels off.

How To Incorporate Outdoor Games To Play At Your Wedding

Ah, summer. It’s the perfect season to plan a wedding and for good reason. There’s an aura of happiness during the warmer months amongst everyone, but even more so if you’re getting married.

A great way to incorporate fun into the mix is by thinking of outdoor games to play, like croquet or ring toss. Adding these to your wedding reception will definitely help your guests have more fun!

If you’re stuck for ideas, here are some tips on picking outdoor games to play at your wedding.

Match your choice of game to the theme and style of your wedding

Outdoor games can be whatever you want them to be, from fairly casual to a little fancier. If you’re having a more elegant reception, you can add upscale design elements such as your colour palette, fonts, etc. into the design of the games. This will make sure the games are tied in conjunction to the event itself, without making it look like they were an add-on.

While you might be having a classic ceremony with modern design details, you also want your guests to feel comfortable throughout the day. In this case, you could pick outdoor games to play that relate to your overall theme and style of your wedding. You could always add a design of your initials to your gaming accessories.

Choose games that have meaning

This is the best bit about choosing outdoor games to play at your wedding or any kind of wedding entertainment. You can choose the games based on your relationship and personalities.

Did you meet the love of your life in school and associate your summers playing cornhole? This would be a great memento to include. Or maybe you have a favourite board game you like to play on a date night in – why not choose a giant version of this for your guests to play outside? This will make your day even more about both of you as a couple.

Limit the number of games

You might think that having several different game options is a great idea. But this is only in theory. Try and keep the games to two or three per one hundred guests. This way, you’re giving your guests enough to choose from, adding in your personality, yet the games are still organised. Plus, they’ll be a great addition to your decoration while entertaining your guests at the same time.

A list of outdoor games to play at your wedding

  • Coconut Shy – festival weddings are so popular right now so this would make a great addition.
  • Lawn Scrabble – who doesn’t love this classic game?
  • Rounders – this is great for the kids. Just be sure to double check with your venue first.
  • Break the Piñata – there’s no downside to this!
  • Giant Jenga – this game is always tense so think how good a giant version would be!
  • Kite flying – if you’ve got the right weather, this is a great idea.
  • Twister – this is the definition of a classic outdoor wedding game.
  • Giant Connect 4 – adults and kids alike will enjoy this.
  • Sack race – take your guests back to their school sports days.
  • Egg and Spoon race – another classic!
  • Bobbing for doughnuts – as if we need an excuse…
  • Swingball – these are cheap to buy and an all-round entertainer.
  • Space Hopper race – for a slight variation on the sack race.
  • Treasure Hunt – if your venue has spacious gardens, this is a fantastic game to play.
  • Beat the buzzer – this will be a real icebreaker for your guests.
  • Apple bobbing – perfect for summer or Halloween!
  • Noughts and Crosses – this is suitable for guests of all ages.
  • Limbo – getting married on a beach? This is a must-do!
  • Horseshoe tossing – especially as a horseshoe is a sign of good luck for newlyweds.
  • Skittles – the perfect lawn game!
  • Giant Chess – this will be sure to draw attention to your guests.
  • Lawn Croquet – this classic outdoor game would be perfect for a wedding in the countryside.
  • Hula Hooping – an unusual choice but definitely a fun one!
  • Cocktail making – why not turn your reception drinks into a fun outdoor wedding game?
  • Bunting making – this is a great way for your guests to get creative.

There’s your full list of outdoor games to play at your wedding – which is your favourite?


Are you planning an outdoor wedding? Book an appointment to meet with a consultant at The Wedding Gallery and we’ll help to bring your vision to life.

By Holly Sutton

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How to incorporate outdoor games to play at your wedding