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15 Ways To Keep Guests Cool At Your Outdoor Wedding Venue

They’ll thank you big time.

how to keep guests cool at your outdoor wedding venue

There are so many reasons why you should choose an outdoor wedding venue. The colours, the scents, blue skies – it’s perfect for summer.

Whether you’re opting for a destination celebration or a garden party, your guests will be so excited to hear about your outdoor wedding venue. But they’ll also be worried about the high temperatures too. You don’t want your guests to be uncomfortable, so what do you do if it gets too warm?

Well, you can’t control the temperature. But you can control how your guests feel in the heat to help cool them down. Not only will these ideas keep your guests cool, they’ll also be so memorable too.

Don’t let high temperatures get you down. Here are some creative ways you can keep your guests cool at your outdoor wedding venue.

1. Fans

You could provide each guest with a fan during the ceremony. This such a lovely favour, but it’s also a great reminder of the wedding day for your guests.

2. Ice cream

An after-dinner treat that’s tasty and doubles as a cool down formula? Yes, please! Whatever flavour you decide to serve, your guests are bound to appreciate it.

3. Refreshing drinks

If you want your guests to beat the heat at your outdoor wedding venue, you need some fresh drinks on the table. We love the idea of fruit-and-mint-infused water. It’s fruity, delicious, and will make sure everyone is feeling great.

4. Cool items

Prepare baskets of cool items such as fans and sun hats, and ask guests to help themselves. This way, your guests get a choice as to how they want to keep cool.

5. Gelato

This would be perfect served after dinner along with some cool sodas.

6. Paper parasols

Place paper parasols on each seat at your outdoor wedding venue, ready and wedding for your guests. You could even have them made in a colour from your colour scheme.

7. Sunglasses

Create your guests a welcome bag that is stocked with trendy sunglasses. This is something your guests can enjoy throughout the day and even take home with them.

8. Program Fans

This is a fan with a twist. Get creative and combine your ceremony programs with a fan design. This allows your guests to keep cool and tells them what’s going on! You can list all the details of what your day is going to include.

9. Vintage parasols

These are so pretty and the perfect way to hide from the hot sun.

10. Ice cream cart

Go one step further with your ice cream and serve it straight from a cart.

11. Drinks in an ice bucket

These are great to place around your outdoor wedding venue so your guests can enjoy something cool while they sit and enjoy the sun.

12. Beach wedding

If you’re planning a beach wedding, you could give guests a welcome tote. This could include a beach blanket, sunscreen, and water to get them ready for the hot weather.

13. Logo fan

Why not design a fan with the initials of the bride and groom? This is such a lovely thing for your guests to keep and will definitely keep them cool.

14. Pool party

If you’re keeping your outdoor wedding venue low key, you’ve always got the option of a pool party. Blow-up swans at the ready!

15. Floral parasols

Are florals a big part of your wedding? You can incorporate this theme into everything – including your parasols.


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By Holly Sutton

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15 ways to keep guests cool at your outdoor wedding venue