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5 Of The Best Tips For Packing Light On Your Mini Moon

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6 Of The Best Tips For Packing Light On Your Mini Moon

The mini moon is becoming ever more popular and for good reason. Short and sweet, a mini moon is great if you want to go away straight after your wedding, but you want to wait to go on your proper honeymoon. But it can also be tricky to prepare for.

You don’t want to pack too much for the bag to weigh you down. But you also don’t want to pack too little and regret that you didn’t bring something. So to help you avoid both of those situations on your mini moon, we’re sharing our best tips to help you make the most of your packing space, whilst still make sure you take what you need to feel like a goddess. Whether you’re off on a city break or a peaceful stay in the country, this is exactly how to pack for your mini moon.

1. Don’t pack too many toiletries

The fact you can no longer take liquids on a plane without putting them in a plastic bag has completely changed the way we think about our toiletries. What was once a luxury might be the oppostie now.

If you’re worried about this, try and limit the number of toiletries you take on your mini moon, or take solids instead. Lush is great for this, as they’ve got solid shampoos and conditioners, and did you know Diptyque has a range of solid perfumes? Sign us up.

2. Get yourself a cross body bag

If you’re travelling by car or you’re only on a short flight, a cross body bag is going to be your new best friend. It’ll be ideal for when you’re out and about exploring on your mini moon. And if you choose a small option, it’ll also help your shoulder to stop hurting because you won’t be able to cram it with loads of items, like extra sunglasses and books. Go minimal and stick to the essentials.

3. Pack comfortable clothes (that don’t crease!)

You always want to be comfortable when travelling and the good thing is, the athleisure trend is making fitness gear super fashionable. If you want to walk round in yoga leggings and a sweat top that’s totally fine. Plus you’ll be comfy too…and you’ll be able to get in a workout if you really really want to!

4. Wear flat shoes

Obvious, right? While you might think those boots might be comfy, you know as well as we do that you’ll feel so much better in flats when you’re on your mini moon. Save yourself on packing those emergency plasters and opt for comfort. You can still go stylish too – remember the Wifey For Lifey flats we shared from Sophia Webster’s collection?

5. Go easy on the accessories

Accessories can actually take up a lot more space than you expect, so try and only take what you need. Maybe a pair of over-sized earrings for evening or a choker to wear during the day with your tshirt and jeans. You could also take something for your hair and wear that on the journey, which is the best of both worlds.


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By Holly Sutton

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6 of the best tips for packing light on your mini moon