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5 Top Tips For Planning A DIY Wedding

It's time to make your vision come to life.

5 Top Tips For Planning A DIY Wedding

Did you know over half of weddings now feature homemade invitations, stationery, and favours? The DIY wedding trend is bigger than ever.

From the dress, to the cake, to the flowers, to the reception decor – you can now source and craft a lot of a wedding the DIY way.

We get what you might be thinking…why would you choose to have a DIY wedding when it can all be done for you? Well, let’s clear up two of the biggest myths straight away. It’s not necessarily cheaper or easier. But here are some reasons why brides do choose to go down the DIY route:

  • It can be good fun
  • It can cost less money (but more in time and effort!)
  • Handmade items might match the theme
  • It gives you control over the finer details
  • Or maybe you just love making stuff

If you’ve got a patient partner and a helpful family, having a few DIY elements for your wedding really can make your whole day even more special.

A word of caution before we continue. It’s not all sunshine and rainbows. Think about how many invitations you’ve got to create before you start! On the other hand, you’ll also have plenty of memories to cherish.

So if you’re planning a DIY wedding, here are a few things to consider:

1. Play to your strengths

If you’re a great cook, focus on making edible favours. If you’re good with paper and material, make your own bunting. If you know someone who has a creative talent – use it!

It’s also important to know when NOT to DIY. For instance, just because you love flowers doesn’t mean you can design the most beautiful arrangements around, even if you know exactly what you want them to look like. That’s the time when you need to ask others for help – one less thing to worry about.

2. Leave it to the pros where it matters

This all comes to understanding your priorities for your wedding and what’s important to you. If there are things on your list like the venue, caterers, and photographer, then you might want to call in the professionals, to make sure it all runs smoothly. I promise, you won’t regret these decisions, especially when it comes to the elements that are most important to you. Try and focus your budget on those specific, prioritised areas.

3. Plan it all out

Whatever wedding you’re planning needs to have a plan, but this is even more true for a DIY wedding. Figure out a system that works for you. You could try a spreadsheet, inspiration board or Pinterest account – anything that will help you keep track of things.

4. Ask for help

If you’re planning a DIY wedding, you can’t expect to do it all by yourself (our wedding planners know what we’re talking about!) Try and involve your friends and family where you can. This is great for two reasons: it’ll make you stress less, and it makes them feel included.

Just think if you look around your wedding venue and see so many elements that people have contributed to – it’ll give you a great feeling of love.

5. Have fun!

You’ve heard that planning a wedding can be quite stressful, and choosing to go down the DIY route will add to that stress in some way. So when an idea doesn’t work, or your pen runs out of ink, or you just lose the spirit for it, have a break. Take a step back and let it go. There’ll be plenty of other ideas on Pinterest!

And remember, whether you’re planning your day for 20 or 200 guests, your DIY wedding should be about you and your personalities that you want to incorporate into your big day.

If you do want help with the initial steps of wedding planning like finding a venue, we’d be happy to chat! Book an appointment for a consultation here.

By Holly Sutton

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5 top tips for planning a diy wedding