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11 Of The Best Ways To Save On Popular Wedding Flowers

There are plenty of ways to save those pennies and still have the flowers you want.

11 Of The Best Ways To Save On Popular Wedding Flowers

Choosing blooms that are in season will not only help you save those pennies, but it’ll also help you save the environment too! So if you’re baffled by the cost of those pretty stems, follow these easy steps to stay within your budget.

First of all, if there are popular wedding flowers you definitely want in your bouquet, then have them! You could always try to balance the cost elsewhere, for example with your bridesmaids’ flowers. Just because you have peonies in your bouquet doesn’t mean your bridesmaids need them too.

1. Arrange your own flowers

Ahead of the big day, you could always attend a flower arranging workshop with your mum or bridesmaids. It could be part of your hen party or just a fun, girlie day. Then you can head to your nearest florist or flower market and choose the popular wedding flowers you want. Early in the morning is best for lots of choice to get the flowers when they are most fresh. Arrange your table centrepieces yourselves to take to the venue in the morning. Just be sure to keep the flowers in water and place them somewhere cool overnight.

2. Be tactical

Opt for flowers that have a large head, like hydrangeas, peonies or dahlias. This will allow your florist to create a full bouquet using fewer stems, helping you to save those pennies.

3. Flowers between venues

If you are having your service at one venue and then moving to a different venue for your wedding reception, allocate someone from your wedding party to coordinate moving the flowers with you. The arrangements at the end of the aisle, the venue’s entrance and from chairs can all be repurposed at your reception venue. This saves you from buying those popular wedding flowers all over again.

4. Grow your own

While all of the planning is taking place, you could grow your own flowers. Pick them the day before your wedding and you’ve got the perfect table arrangements. Just make sure you’ve had a practice, been to a workshop and feel confident. Don’t risk creating your own bouquet though – leave that to the professionals.

5. Set a realistic budget

Ask yourself how high up on the list of priorities your wedding flowers actually are. Then you need to decide how much you can afford. Only then can you be upfront with your florist about your budget.

6. Keep an open mind about different flowers

You might want popular wedding flowers like peonies, but if they’re not in season your florist will have ideas for similar looking blooms to create the same effect. Give suggestions about the colour and shape of the flowers you want and see what your florist suggests within your budget. You can fine tune things from there.

7. Get on the greenery wedding trend

You can ask your florist to fill out your bouquet with leafy foliage and sprigs of gypsophila. Opt for foliage intertwined with fairy lights to decorate beams at your venue or hoops of greenery to hang behind your wedding cake. The opportunities are endless.

8. Limit your choice to only a few flower varieties

If you go down this route, this means your florist can buy in bulk and pass their savings onto you. The time your florist takes to source the blooms will also be reduced, which may favourably impact the price too.

9. Think about what you are displaying your blooms in

Fancy urns will obviously cost a lot more than decorated jam jars. Arrange miniature potted plants or herbs along your aisle or around your venue to fill the room with colour and fragrance. You can always take them home to keep or give them out as gifts at the end of the day.

10. Fake it

If you are decorating the ceiling or having a flower wall for people to have photographs in front of, chances are that no one will look at them too closely. This makes it the perfect opportunity to opt for silk flowers and greenery instead.

11. Create an impact in fewer areas

Choose an area, like the entrance to your venue, to really go to town on with your popular wedding flowers, and leave other areas to be more understated. Having half-hearted flowers dotted around will have less impact than a couple of highly decorated WOW areas. Which would you remember?


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By Holly Sutton

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11 of the best ways to save on popular wedding flowers