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10 Important Questions You Need To Ask When You Visit A Bridal Boutique

You’re about to buy the most important dress ever so let’s make sure you get it right.

10 Important Questions You Need To Ask When You Visit A Bridal Boutique

Choosing the right wedding dress doesn’t just come down to the right setting. You want to think way beyond that.

There’s a lot more that happens at your bridal boutique than just choosing your dress and paying for the deposit. Read our wedding dress shopping guide to make sure you have the best experience possible.

1. Will I be the only bride in the boutique?

Would you prefer an exclusive dress shopping experience or more of a high street approach? If there’s more than one bride-to-be trying on dresses, will you still get to see the whole range?

The experience you have could be very different at each boutique you go to. Some boutiques are smaller and so only have one bride at any one time. Others have more space but can still offer the entire boutique exclusively to just one bride. And some can have two or more brides-to-be in at the same time to try on wedding dresses. Consider the kind of experience you want and pick the one best for you.

2. What is the bridal boutique like?

Is it in a private location where you can exclusively try on dresses without being disturbed by passers-by? Remember you’ll want to keep your dress a secret until the big day!

What kind of mirror do they have? Will you be able to see yourself from all angles? Are you going to be able to see all the details of the pretty dresses you’ll be trying on? Always consider everything about your location.

3. What are the reviews like?

It’s always good to visit a bridal boutique based on word of mouth or reviews. Take some time and have a read of what real brides have said. If a boutique offers a fantastic experience, brides will go out of their way to let others know. You’ll spend quite a lot of time with your bridal boutique (choosing your dress and having fittings), so be patient reading these reviews. It should give you a realistic idea of what to expect and will make choosing the boutiques you want to visit easier too.

4. Is there a varied range of dresses?

Do you have a budget? Does the boutique stock a range of dresses within your price range? What kind of style do you want to go for? Does the boutique have dresses that match your chosen style? These are all important questions to research before you book.

5. Is there parking available?

The bridal boutique I visited is in a little town so I parked on a main car park. But the consultants told me that when I pick up my dress, I can park right outside. Try and find out this information when you go – you don’t want to be running with your dress in the rain!

6. Can alterations be done at the boutique?

Ideally, you want to make sure you can get your alterations done at the boutique where you get your dress from. Ask what the prices will be. Even with a made-to-measure dress, it’s still likely some alterations will be needed. Where are the alterations done? In the boutique? In front of the main mirror? Will the bridal consultant at your original appointment be involved in your fittings?

7. Does the boutique store your dress for you?

What happens when your dress arrives? You don’t want to take it home and for someone to accidentally see it! Most brides shop well in advance for their wedding dress which means the bridal boutique will need a lot of storage. Does your boutique offer this and if so, is there an additional charge?

8. Does the boutique charge for any extras?

Will you be given a dress bag and proper hanger when you pick up your dress? If your dress needs steaming, will there be an extra charge? Be sure to check these things in advance so there are no surprise costs.

9. Can you buy anything else at the boutique?

At some bridal boutiques, they also offer shoes, accessories and bridesmaids dresses – but you might have to ask them! It’s good to check this because then you can see your complete look and get to experiment a little with different options.

And even if you don’t get your bridesmaids and flower girl dress from your boutique, it’s still worth getting them from the same place. This can make fittings easier and a lot of fun!

10. Does the boutique get paid for recommending other suppliers?

Word of mouth is the best tool when it comes to marketing in the wedding industry because lots of brides will ask for recommendations. But just be careful. Check whether suppliers are recommending other suppliers because they think they’re great their job or whether they’re getting a fee for every booking.

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By Holly Sutton

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10 Important Questions You Need To Ask When You Visit A Bridal Boutique