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The Real Truth About How To Choose Your Wedding Style

Your step-by-step guide.

The Real Truth About How To Choose Your Wedding Style

Here at The Wedding Gallery, we know a lot of people will be in those early stages of wedding planning. And something that’s going to make planning a lot easier is by knowing your wedding style.

Once you get engaged, it’s easy to start feeling overwhelmed. You start getting all the questions: “have you set a date?” “Where are you getting married?” “What theme are you going for?” And just looking at Pinterest makes you wonder where to even begin.

Today, we’re sharing a process to help you figure out a basic wedding style that completely represents what you want. But the best bit is, once you have this style sorted, you can adapt it and change it as you continue planning. So step away from Pinterest and follow this step-by-step guide to help you choose your wedding style.

1. What Can You Picture?

When guests walk into your venue, you want them to say, “this is the bride and groom all over.” So when you imagine your wedding day, what do you see?

It can be really tempting to choose a wedding style based on trends or what other people are doing. But you need to consider both of your own personal styles first. It’s your wedding, so take this as a chance to channel your personalities. So really, the first thing you should think about when choosing your wedding style is YOU.

What colours do you love? What’s your home decor like? What sort of styles do you have in your wardrobe? What images or prints do you really like? We all prefer different styles and colours, so talk to your fiancé about what you both like and start making some notes. And remember, the season you’re getting married in can come into play here too.

Think about your love story and your interests. Maybe you spent a year travelling together and want to incorporate that into your wedding day? Or maybe you love being outdoors and want that idea to represent your theme with lots of greenery. Maybe you’re getting married in Spring and want your wedding style to represent that season because it’s your favourite.  Are you wearing your mother’s tiara? Are peonies your favourite flower? Some of these things can be key to your style too.

You don’t need to come up with all the answers right now (and don’t worry if you can’t think of everything). But making a list will help you start to bring your vision to life.

2. How Does It Feel?

The feel of your wedding day really is what it’s all about. Do you want it to be traditional? Relaxed? Personal? Talk about what you want your big day to feel like and start making notes or collecting images.

Once you’ve done this, it’s time to start defining your wedding style, based on these previous steps. Our best advice is to come up with a few words to describe your style. For instance, my whole wedding style is based around three words: Spring, Light, Travel – this underpins every single decision we make.

Your words don’t have to make sense together or form a full sentence. But they should describe what your wedding style is all about and help you bring everything together.

3. What’s Your Venue Like?

This is a big factor that will help you to define your wedding style and your colour palette. What’s your venue like? Is it large or cosy? Is it modern or old fashioned? Some venues have a very specific design and this will really determine your overall theme. But if it’s your dream venue, then you’ve got to learn how to work with it.

Most times, you’ll know as soon as you walk into a venue because you’ll be able to picture it. The venue we’ve chosen has a wall of huge glass windows that light up the whole room, which relates to our theme. (If you’ve not chosen your venue yet, don’t miss these questions you need to ask when you go visiting).

4. What About Your Colours?

Once you understand your style, choosing colours will be much easier. A colour palette should be something you develop from your wedding style, not the other way around.

From the steps you’ve gone through so far, a couple of colours should be coming to the front of your mind. If not, look back through what you’ve notted down and see if anything jumps out at you. For us, we instantly thought of pink, green, white and silver – those colours form the basis of our palette.

If you’re struggling at this point, here are a few other things to help you out:

  • Season – This doesn’t have to define everything, but it’s a really helpful factor when choosing your wedding style. Think about which flowers are in season, the colours that appear at this time of the year and how that can contribute to the feeling you want to create.
  • Flowers – You can also think about what flowers are in season and how these can relate to your style. (Be sure to allocate an amount to them in your wedding budget).
  • Your dress – Once you pick your dress, you’ll find that everything will fall into place.
  • Bridesmaids dresses – These dresses don’t have to be a specific colour of your wedding palette but they should definitely complement it.

5. Time To Play Around With Ideas

By this point, you should have chosen your colour palette and now it’s time to play around with it. You might want to add some neutral colours, a pastel, a metallic or complementary shades of the main colours you’ve chosen.

One of the best things to do is get some swatches or paint samples to see what you like the most. Once you’ve done this, it’s time to make a mood board and start to see your vision come to life. This is the best way to share your wedding day vision with your potential suppliers as well as keep yourself on track.

And that’s it. Your wedding style is sorted, you’ve picked your colours…have fun with the rest of the planning!

If you want more help with choosing your wedding style, book an appointment to visit The Wedding Gallery here.

By Holly Sutton