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8 Of The Best Tips When Shopping For Wedding Shoes

These are our top tips for picking your perfect shoes.

8 Of The Best Tips When Shopping For Wedding Shoes

It’s no secret that every girl loves a new pair of shoes. Especially the pair that you’ll be wearing on the day of your wedding.

While your dress is seen as the key part of your look, we believe wedding shoes can be just as important. So we’ve rounded up 8 of our best wedding shoe tips to make sure your shoes are comfortable, pretty and perfectly complement your overall style.

1. Go for quality

We understand that many brides opt for cheaper wedding shoes, especially if you’re trying to stick to a budget. A lot of women feel like it’s a waste to spend money on shoes that won’t be seen under your dress or that you’ll only wear once.

But what you’ve got to remember is that you’ll be on your feet all day. So we highly recommend investing in a pair of high quality, comfortable shoes that won’t hurt your feet. The last thing you want is to consume yourself with thinking about the pain.

Plus, high quality shoes don’t have to break the bank and designs are now much more versatile meaning you’ll be able to get more wear out of them. Check out our wedding shoe suppliers to see if anything takes your fancy.

2. Consider heel height

This will completely depend on what you’re used to. You might not want to leave the house with your 4-inch heels. Or maybe you’re happy sticking to a heel height of a couple of inches. Whatever you prefer, don’t be tempted to go much higher than what you normally wear. We want you to be gliding down the aisle, not hobbling!

3. Check your shoe size

There’s always a bit of a dilemma if you are in between sizes. Do you go a size up or size down? We recommend going up, because you can always get an insole to insert into your wedding shoes and remove it later in the day when your feet get hot. If you opt for a smaller size though, your feet will start to hurt as they swell.

4. Don’t forget to wear them in

We bet you’ve done this before. Gone out somewhere fancy wearing a brilliant new pair of shoes. But within a matter of hours (or even minutes), they’re rubbing your feet and you want to take them off.

Even if your wedding shoes felt comfortable when you first tried them on, we recommend wearing them in before your big day. Wear them round the house to soften them up and practice the most important walk of your life.

Top tip: If you find your shoes are particularly slippy, you could also sand the soles with sand paper to add a bit of grip.

5. Do you need any accessories for your wedding shoes?

There are a few shoe accessories you might want to consider for your big day:

  • Heel grips – if your feet keep slipping out the back
  • Insoles – to reduce the pain you get on the soles of your feet from standing for a long period of time
  • Protector spray – to protect your shoes from water marks and stains
  • Clean heels – to stop you sinking in the grass

6. Try your shoes on with your dress

There are a few very important reasons to try on your shoes with your wedding dress. First of all, you want to make sure the colour and style suit your gown. Now, if you’ve already been wedding dress shopping, you’ll have realised that dresses don’t just come in ivory or white. There are all sorts of colours available. So if you’re matching your shoe colour to your dress colour, you’ll want to make sure that one isn’t slightly darker or paler than the other. Try and get hold of a swatch of your dress fabric to make sure you get a good match.

It’s also important to bring your shoes to one of your first wedding dress appointments, where you’ll be measured in your dress. This is to make sure you can be measured properly so you can select the hemline where you want it to be. Keep in mind that when you’re walking down the aisle you’ll have your bouquet in one hand and your other in the arm of the person who is giving you away. Ideally, you want the hem to sit just off the ground as you won’t be able to hold up your dress to help you walk.

But you also don’t want your dress swinging round your ankles because your heels are too high. That’s why it’s so important to bring your actual shoes to your wedding dress fitting!

7. Do you need a second pair?

If you want to wear heels but know you won’t be able to last in them all day, get yourself a second pair. These can be lower, more comfortable wedding shoes that you can wear for your evening reception. There are so many lovely styles out there so you’re bound to find something to suit you. Just keep in mind the length of your dress – it may drag on the floor so be careful not to trip.

We also love the idea of filling a box full of flip flops for your guests to slip into in the evening, so they can dance the night away in comfort too!

8. Choose a pair you can wear again

If you are really struggling spending money on wedding shoes that you’ll only wear once, buy a pair that you’ll get use out of in the future. Just because your wedding dress is white doesn’t mean your shoes have to be!

You could pick a pair in a colour pattern that match your theme and colour scheme. This is your opportunity to have some fun and show off your personality. They also create great photo opportunities.


From the main event to the after party we have it covered when it comes to shoes. Raise the glamour levels with gorgeous heels, keep it comfortable with effortlessly stylish flats or go full on couture with a bespoke design, The Wedding Gallery shoe department will have the perfect pair for your big day. Book your appointment to view our designer collection here.

By Holly Sutton

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8 of the best tips when shopping for wedding shoes