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If You're Having A Spring Engagement Photography Shoot This Will Change Your Life

Spring is officially here and we're very excited.

If Youre Having A Spring Engagement Photography Shoot This Will Change Your Life

Is your spring engagement photography shoot coming up? Then you’re going to love this.

Your engagement shoot is the best way to get used to being in front of the camera before your big day. And Spring is actually one of the best times to have a couples shoot. There’s lots of light, beautiful colours, and don’t forget all the blossom trees.

There are a few things to consider when it comes to having a spring engagement photography shoot, so we thought we’d share some tips with you.

1. Pick a location that’s perfect for spring

One of the best things about spring is that it starts to get sunnier and warmer. So try and choose a location that will enhance the spring-like feeling of your photos. Flowers are always a good option for both couples and photographers because you can get so many lovely shots. You could also try a picnic, a bike ride, a boat trip or getting some cones from the local ice cream truck.

2. Chat with your photographer about your location

Your next step is chatting with your photographer. You could tell them the location you’ve chosen or even ask if they have any recommendations. Just make sure you’re clear about the kind of vibe you want to go for.

3. Think about it in terms of travel

If you do decide on a location that’s a little out of your way, remember to factor this into your planning. Decide how far you’re willing to travel for your shoot and remember that the photographer might charge extra for this.

4. Don’t forget the weather

While spring is supposed to be lovely, it can also be completely unpredictable. The spring season starts at the end of March in the UK, but it can still be bitter cold. Be prepared that you might have to work around it.

5. Choose an outfit you love

For whatever season you have your engagement photography shoot in, you’ll want to wear an outfit you feel really good in. You’ll also want to make sure it suits the season. For spring, this could mean a dress and a denim jacket, jeans and a pastel biker jacket, or a midi dress.

A bright colour can also be a great way to incorporate spring into your engagement photos, but it completely depends on what feel you’re going for. We’d advise you to stay true to your personal style.

6. Try not to clash

We’re not talking about your partner here (although that’s important!) Be sure to keep your location in mind when picking your outfit. You want to choose one that complements your location. For instance, if you’re being photographed in front of a floral background, a floral dress might clash with that. Think about it and plan in advance.

7. Be practical

One final tip on your outfit choice – make sure you’re comfortable. It’s the most important thing (shoes included!) Wear layers to adapt to different temperatures and keep an eye on the weather forecast in the lead up to your shoot.

8. Consider if you want to include props

While your location can help to convey the feeling of spring, props can do the same. There might be expressions of your relationship and personality that you want to include in your shoot, like a basket of flowers, an ice lolly, a bicycle or even your dog!

9. Remember your allergies

If you’re having your engagement photography shoot outside and you have hayfever or you’re allergic to bees, be warned. That look isn’t good for anyone and you don’t need a medical emergency!

10. Aim for sunset

While you may want your photos to be taken in bright sunshine, any photographer will tell you that sunset is the perfect time of day. And now the days are getting longer, this will give you the perfect, romantic glow to your images. Take advantage of it.


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By Holly Sutton

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If you're having a spring engagement photography shoot this will change your life