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15 Steps To Planning A Wedding You May Not Have Thought Of

Planning a wedding isn’t that simple.

15 Steps To Planning A Wedding You May Not Have Thought Of

A good planner, a smart budget, organisation and moral support are just some of the things you need to throw a successful wedding.

But even the most organised bride might forget some of the details of wedding planning. So here are 15 steps to wedding planning that you might never have thought to ask.

1. Do I feed my photographer/videographer/band?

There may be some people who are attending your wedding, but you don’t necessarily know them. This could include your photographer/videographer and your evening entertainment. You need to check in the contract whether you’re obligated to feed them. For instance, our venue told us they’d cover the meals for the photographers and DJ.

Many brides believe it’s the right thing to do, whether it’s in the contract or not. After all, these people are going to be with you for most of the day. So even though you’re paying them for their services, they’ll still get hungry. Check with your venue whether you can arrange a meal for them. As for your evening food, you can ask the people concerned to help themselves to food when they’re on a break. But if you’re in doubt, just ask them.

2. Do I want guests to post photos of my wedding online?

When it comes to steps to planning a wedding, this is something that can be overlooked. We live in a digital age where there are lots of public photo-sharing options available. Social media has become a huge part of everyone’s lives and it’s really impacting wedding etiquette too. Some people love it and some people hate it. So do you want a social media-free wedding? Be sure to check in with your other half on what their opinion is so you can come to an agreement and let guests know your decision.

Your guests will bring their own phones and cameras and will most likely take many photos. And you might want to be the one who shares your first wedding picture online. So what’s the solution?

If you decide you don’t want guests’ photos finding their way onto the internet, you can mention this in your wedding invitations, at your ceremony and again at the wedding breakfast so everyone is paying attention. You can then say guests are very welcome to share their own photos a few days after your wedding day.

3. What colour are the napkins at the venue?

Have you thought about this in your steps to planning a wedding? Surely the napkins will be white? Most of the time, yes. But not always. Sometimes they might be a colour that clashes with your colour scheme or your venue might purchase new linens between you booking and the wedding day itself. Be sure to ask the venue as soon as you can so you know what you’re working with.

4. Does my venue allow photos to be taken during the ceremony?

Your ceremony is the most important part of your wedding day, so obviously you’ll want to have pictures taken. Make sure your ceremony venue allows it! It’s very rarely a problem at a licensed venue, but places such as a church or registry office have some strict rules. Make sure you meet with your priest or registrar to speak to them about their policies so you aren’t disappointed.

5. Should I invite the vicar/registrar to the reception?

Unless you personally know them or know you could feed a few extra people, you are under no obligation to invite your vicar or registrar. It’s a polite thing to do, but not a must.

6. Is my best friend really suitable to be a bridesmaid?

When you’ve just got engaged, it’s natural to think your closest friend is the best person to have standing next to you on your wedding day. Maybe she is! But a chief bridesmaid needs to have certain qualities if she’s going to be the best support you could have, including:

  • Dependable and reliable
  • Not jealous
  • Available to help with anything
  • Calm and organised

Read more about the duties of bridesmaids here.

7. Should I book my honeymoon in my maiden name or my new surname?

All the information for your honeymoon needs to be booked in the same name that appears on your passport. So for most brides, you’ll book using your maiden name. But you can change your passport name to your married name before you get married. Just remember that if you do this it will make your maiden name passport invalid. So if you need to travel for any reason before your wedding (e.g. your hen do or a city break) and have already changed your passport, this won’t be possible.

8. Does my venue have access for pushchairs and wheelchairs?

We usually assume every public space has access for pushchairs and wheelchairs, but we advise you to check just to make sure. You should also make sure your venue has a disabled toilet downstairs and whether they provide high chairs for the youngest guests.

9. How much could I save per head by booking a winter wedding?

Winter weddings are beautiful and they’re also in less demand than spring and summer weddings. This means it’s usually cheaper. But how much you save depends on your venue, the location, number of guests and the exact date. For instance, weddings on New Year’s Eve and Valentine’s Day are going to be more expensive than others. Double check and compare your packages.

10. Will my hooped dress fit into the wedding car/down the aisle/in a cubicle?

Now on your list of steps to planning a wedding will be your dress. And let’s say you go for a big one. You twirl in front of the mirror in the bridal swap and take a few steps around. You also take a seat on that comfy chair (to make sure you can sit down!) But you won’t have a chance to test your dress in a space as narrow as the aisle you’ll be walking down. You’ll also have no idea until the big day if you’ll actually be able to climb into your wedding car.

There’s a way around this – get creative in the shop. Ask the staff if they could arrange some chairs for you to walk through. Make sure you have your dress measured at the bottom so you know the size.

11. Should I get a pair of flats to dance in or wear heels all day and night?

You might think we’d recommend wearing flat shoes – but it all depends on your dress. Usually, you’ll be measured in your wedding shoes to determine the length of how your dress should be made. Which means it might be a lot longer and difficult to walk in when you have flat shoes on. Luckily for you, there are so many comfy heel styles available.

If you want flat shoes then go for it. Or maybe you might slip into something more comfortable for the evening and then you can wear whatever shoes you want!

12. Will my wedding planner be there on the day?

It would be perfect if your wedding planner was there on the day. But some of them aren’t. If you’re counting on your planner being there to make the day run smoothly, we recommend checking if they’re attending or not. If your planner isn’t attending, you must decide who will be there instead. Some venues have a wedding host or a toastmaster to make sure the day runs smoothly.

13. What kind of confetti should I buy?

You’ll want confetti that’s pretty, looks good in photos and maybe even matches your theme or colour scheme. But you’ll also want some that won’t stain, so make sure you do your research and shop around.

14. Who brings the confetti?

If you want the full confetti shot, it’s best if you provide the confetti yourself. That way you can make sure you have all the confetti you want for that special picture. You could ask the ushers to distribute the confetti among your guests after the ceremony or place a basket at the back of your venue so guests can take a handful on their way out.

15. Do I really need wedding insurance?

Definitely. If you have insurance, you’re prepared for anything that might go wrong. And unfortunately, it happens. Wedding emergencies can happen and when something happens, you’re usually told to check your insurance policy.

You might be spending a large amount of money for your wedding day and you’re counting on a lot of people to make it go smoothly – people you’re paying for. If something doesn’t go to plan and you don’t have insurance, you’ll be left with more bills to pay and no plan B.

Plus, wedding insurance is cheaper than you think. Spend a few minutes online to get an idea of what coverage you can get for what cost. You’ll find it’s a small price to pay for a big peace of mind.


Want someone to help with the steps to planning a wedding? Discover how to bring your wedding dreams to life by booking an appointment to discuss your plans with a consultant at The Wedding Gallery today.

By Holly Sutton

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15 steps to planning a wedding you may not have thought of