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5 Of The Best Tips For Summer Wedding Flowers

From bold and romantic, to blush and subtle, here are our tips for looking after your summer floral decor.

5 Of The Best Tips For Summer Wedding Flowers

Ah, summer. Such a beautiful time to get married. Each season has its pros and cons, but we think summer is THE best season to get married in.

Why? Well, there are so many summer wedding flowers blooming that you won’t be short for choice. The weather is usually beautiful. The days are longer. And everyone is in a fab mood.

But our favourite reason has to be for the flowers. Summer is a season of lushness and bloom, so you’ve got the chance to go all out. Don’t be afraid to use greenery and definitely bring in elements from your natural surroundings. The more colour, the better.

The reason why summer wedding flowers are some of the best is that you can choose whatever colour palette you want. Summer is so versatile, you could go for all-white, pastel shades or bright, bold colours. Whatever your preference, summer is the time to experiment.

So in celebration of the Chelsea Flower Show, we want to give you our top tips for summer wedding flowers, plus some ideas to inspire you.

1. Choose long-lasting flowers

When you’re looking for summer wedding flowers, choose some that will stay fresh throughout the day. Ones that have a waxy texture are good to go for. Roses, orchids, and tiger-lilies work great in high temperatures.

Really think about the season you want to get married in because you’ll fare much better if you pick flowers that bloom in summer. It means they’re capable of surviving a long day in a bouquet. Speak to your florist to get their thoughts and see which flowers will work in your venue.

2. Keep them cool

The higher the temperature, the more care your summer wedding flowers will need. Be mindful of your flowers throughout your day (or even better, get a friend or bridesmaid to take care of this for you!) If it’s really warm, make sure there’s a fridge on-site so you can store them there before the ceremony.

You also need to be mindful of your flowers during photography sessions. When your photographer is taking a break, have a bridesmaid hold your bouquet in a shaded area or place it in a vase of cool water. Keep a spray water bottle on hand too so you can give them a mist every hour or so.

3. Go for bold colours

We know we said you can go for any colour palette, but we love the bright ones! Have a look at what flowers will be in season and choose bright versions of them. And you can mix them up too, depending on the type of wedding you’re having. Here’s an example:

  • Outdoor wedding: hot fuchsia, magenta, green
  • Formal wedding: Dark red, deep purple
  • Casual wedding: Sunflowers!

4. Consider your centrepieces

Just think how wonderful your venue will look with a selection of brightly coloured centrepieces. You could go for tall vases with a mixture of bold flowers. Or clear containers, with brightly coloured blooms. And Mason jars are perfect for adding a pop of colour to your space.

5. Hire a florist

Hiring a florist is honestly going to save your sanity. You want to be getting your hair done and sipping champagne on the morning of your wedding. Not stressing trying to get everything ready! Plus they know how to prepare and care for different types of flowers and make them last as long as possible. You also want a wider selection of summer wedding flowers, not just ones you can buy at the supermarket.


Now here’s a list of some beautiful ideas for summer wedding flowers. Just search for these examples on Pinterest! And keep in mind, these don’t just have to be used for your bouquet…

  • Sherbety-coloured blooms and pale greenery
  • Wild greenery and asymmetrical roses (what a statement!)
  • Ranunculus and roses (the perfect sunset combo)
  • A cascading bouquet with a lot of greenery and a few white blooms
  • Reds and pinks (yep, they work well together in summer)
  • Rust-coloured sweetpeas (definitely use these for an outdoor wedding)
  • King protea (how tropical!)
  • An ombré bouquet – deeper colours at the top and lighter ones at the bottom
  • Greenery and green flowers
  • Peonies!

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By Holly Sutton

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5 of the best tips for summer wedding flowers