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8 Of The Most Important Details Your Wedding Guests Will Remember

For better or for worse, they won’t forget these details.

8 Of The Most Important Details Your Wedding Guests Will Remember

Are you in the middle of planning the biggest day of your life? Then we’re here to help. Today, we’re going to make all of your planning problems disappear. Not only are we going to give you a look at the planning process, but we’re also going to share the details your guests definitely won’t forget.

1. The dress

If there’s one thing your wedding guests will remember most of all, it’s the bride’s dress. The bride doesn’t have a big walk down the aisle for nothing! On your big day, all eyes will be on you. Your guests will be so excited to find out what dress you’ve chosen for your big day. This is your chance to wow your guests (and your groom!) with the dress of your dreams that is completely you.

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2. How the day flows

Your wedding guests will remember the flow of your big day. If you’re having your reception in a different venue from your ceremony, provide transportation for your guests. You can also list all information on your wedding website, so your guests won’t have to worry about anything. The most important thing is that they’ll relax and enjoy the day. Plus, they’ll make it to the venues on time!

3. The hospitality

Your day is about the two of you as a couple, but it’s also about your guests. Welcome guests to your reception with drinks and canapes and provide enough room for them to mingle around. Include some interesting things to look at, such as a reminder of the order of the day, your guest book and even a remembrance table. Guests will love how much thought you’ll have put into everything. The more personal, the better.

4. The food

Ah, the highlight of the day for some people! Your guests will remember what they ate and the quality of the food, too. Depending on your audience, you might go for a more traditional menu, or something a little different. Just make sure you have enough variety to keep your guests wanting more. It’s all about the detail – design a menu card and pick out some pretty plating for your seated dinner.

5. The details

When it comes to wedding planning, you think it’s the big things that will take up the most time. But it’s actually the little things where all your effort should go. Your wedding guests will gush over the little touches that make your wedding so personal for years to come. Don’t skip these! Personalise everything – signature drinks, table names, monogrammed cocktail napkins – the possibilities are endless.

6. The venue

You’re going to be spending a lot of time at your wedding venue, so you want to pick a good one. Location matters and can add to the whole theme and feel of your day. Choose a venue that is special to you and the kind of wedding you want to have. If you can picture how the room is going to look even if you don’t have any ideas yet, that’s the venue for you.

7. The cake

Your wedding guests are definitely going to remember how the cake looks and tastes! Make sure you test different flavours and pick a variety that you know your guests will enjoy.

8. The party

The party can be the highlight of your wedding day, so make sure it’s a good one! You know your friends and family most of all, so pick a band or DJ that will please the crowd and create an ultimate party experience. You want them to be dancing all night long to music they love. It’s also important to pay attention to the timeline of the reception so it supports a brilliant party atmosphere.


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By Holly Sutton

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8 Of The Most Important Details Your Wedding Guests Will Remember