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5 Of The Most Popular Questions Your Wedding Guests Will Ask

Plus how to handle them in the best way possible.

5 Of The Most Popular Questions Your Wedding Guests Will Ask

You’d think that planning a wedding would be just about the bride and groom. But you’d be wrong. There’s another big group of people that you have to take into consideration – your wedding guests.

Planning a wedding is no easy task and it’s likely you’re going to get a lot of questions from your wedding guests in the run-up to your big day. Especially your family and friends who you see quite often – they’ll always be asking for an update (I know my Nana does!)

So in order for you to keep calm and stop repeating yourself to everyone, it’s best to clearly communicate some key information about your wedding day. Keep scrolling for the five most popular questions that guests will ask…and of course, how you can answer them. Your Great Aunt who always criticises something? Not a problem.

1. Are my children invited?

This is usually the trickest part, right? Now we’re not saying you shouldn’t invite kids (it’s totally up to you). But you need to set some groundrules when it comes to your guest list, or else it can just get totally out of control. Be sure to set a cut-off point!

I know a bride and groom who have decided they aren’t inviting any children to their wedding. For myself and my partner, we’re inviting close children in our families, but specifically putting whoever is invited on the wedding invitations.

The struggle with this is that you want your friends to stay with you all night and celebrate with you, but that can be tricky when kids are involved. So be prepared for this question to crop up a lot.

Here are some different ways to help you handle the situation:

  • Like we just mentioned, how you address your invitations is key. If the whole family are invited, you can either write each name out or put, “The Hughes Family.” That indicates no questions are needed because you’re inviting the whole family. If not, be sure to just write the name of the people you are inviting.
  • Another option if you’ve maybe decided to only invite older children is to put a little message on your wedding website for your wedding guests to see. It’s up to you how you word it: you could go for “a kid-free evening”, “we politely request no children” or “children are welcome to the ceremony but we politely request only adult attendance in the evening.”

2. Can I bring my new boyfriend/girlfriend?

We can guarantee that you’ve had to cut down your guest list. But what happens if one of your partner’s groomsmen wants to bring their new girlfriend? And what if they’ve only been seeing each other for a month and you’ve never met them? Tricky.

When you start to think about plus ones, it can get out of hand. Again, this all comes down to how you address your invitations. For instance, my partner recently went to a wedding night do and the invitation was addressed to him. We presumed I was invited too, but then the groom had to clarify that no plus one’s were invited.

The way we’ve done it is, in terms of close family and friends, only account for people who have partners currently. You might decide that no new bae’s are invited to the day do’ but they’re welcome to attend in the evening.

Your wedding website is a great place to put this information. If you’d rather not suffer through a tricky conversation, you can make this clear on here. If you are okay with it, include “plus one” or “plus guest” on the invite!

3. What’s the dress code?

Whether your wedding guests ask you this or not, it’s always good to clarify. You don’t want someone turning up in a fancy suit and someone else turning up in trainers…

It completely depends on the theme of your wedding and the style you want to go for. If you’re going for a boho/backyard style wedding you might suggest garden party attire (summer suits and dresses). Or if you’re going all out for the classic ceremony, you could say black tie, or formal (black tie optional).

4. Where can I stay?

It’s likely that you’ll have wedding guests travelling from out of town so it’s important to provide this information for your guest. It might be that your venue has some accommodation available, but make sure you provide details of alternative accommodation too. Adding an information card to your wedding invitation set is great for this, and it can go on your wedding website too.

5. Is there anything else going on?

If couples are having their wedding in a different location, they might choose to celebrate with their guests the night before or the day after. Give your wedding guests information about whether you have anything else planned for them.

And likewise, if they’ve decided to make a trip of it and spend a few days exploring, give them suggestions of different things to do within the area.

A Final Note…

We know you might not want to deal with all these questions when you’re in the middle of wedding planning. So you can always ask your mum or maid of honour to handle it for you. You could put their email address or phone number on your wedding website.

And if you don’t want people texting or calling you, don’t include your phone number. Just put your email address on there – it could even be a joint one if you want the groom to get involved! Because let’s be honest, there’s no way you’ll be looking at your phone when it’s time for menu tasting…

Need help bringing your ideas to life? Book an appointment with a wedding consultant here and start your wedding planning journey today.

By Holly Sutton

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