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6 Details You Need To Include On Your Wedding Invitation Cards

It's time to get into the nitty gritty.

6 Details You Need To Include On Your Wedding Invitation Cards

You’ve chosen your wedding theme, picked your stationery design and now it’s time to get into the details.

There are lots of questions guests will be thinking when it comes to your wedding day, including:

  • How they’ll get to your venue
  • Where they’ll stay on the night
  • What they’re going to wear (obviously 😉 )

So to help you remove the guesswork, this is a helpful guide to let you know what you need to include on your wedding invitation cards.

1. The location of your ceremony and reception

It’s standard that your wedding invitation cards will list where your actual wedding ceremony will take place. But they should also include further information about the location itself, the area, as well as directions from the closest major city. An illustrated map is always a great idea.

2. How to get there

If a lot of your guests are travelling to your wedding from across the country, or they won’t be sure where your venue is, it’s best to give directions. Advise the best routes, and provide airlines and flight times if you’re celebrating abroad. It’s so much better if you do the research in advance for your guests.

3. Where they can stay

Your reception venue might have some accommodation, but chances are there won’t be enough for everyone. Some people might just want to book somewhere for the wedding night, others might want to book somewhere for a few days. So it’s best to provide a few options.

So decide how you’re going to allocate rooms at your venue and give some suggestions on your wedding invitation cards as to where other people can stay.

4. Local transport information

If you’re having your wedding in a remote location, be sure to include some phone numbers of local taxi firms on your wedding invitation cards. And if some of your guests are driving, let them know what parking is like near and around the venue.

A lot of couples also organise for coaches or buses to transport guests to and from the reception venue. If you decide to do this, make sure you include all the details and timings on your wedding information cards.

5. Details for the days leading up to and after the wedding

Are you planning to have some welcome drinks the night before your wedding? Or a post-wedding brunch the day after? Put this information on your wedding invitation cards so people can get organised in advance.

If you aren’t planning anything else (other than your actual wedding), recommend some spots and a few local sights for those people coming from out of town.

6. Other contact details

Most of your guests will have yours or your partner’s phone number. But let’s be honest – you won’t be looking at it on your big day!

List alternative contact numbers on your wedding invitation cards. These could be ushers, bridesmaids, parents or your wedding planner if you have one.

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By Holly Sutton

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6 details you need to include on your wedding invitation cards