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6 Of The Best Tips To Beat Wedding Jitters On Your Big Day

It’s time to take to the stage.

6 Of The Best Tips To Beat Wedding Jitters On Your Big Day

We hate to break it to you, but your wedding day is all about you. All eyes and attention will be on you (and your future spouse too). Does that make your palms start to sweat? Worried your voice is going to break? Or does the thought of it just fill you with nerves?

Moments like your vows and your first dance can definitely bring on the wedding jitters. They’re special, life-changing moments, but they’re all enough to make your whole body shake. Even if you don’t think you’re a shy person.

You could do the whole “imagining guests in their underwear” to calm you down. But that might be a weird memory from your wedding that you’ll quickly want to forget. Instead, here are some of our best tips on stopping those wedding jitters on your big day.

1. Go for traditional vows

If you’re brave enough to recite personal vows, we salute you! But are you worried you’re going to stumble through your words as you commit to this other person? If so, there’s nothing wrong with repeating after your officiant. The classic vows (“for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer”), are perfect for any couple.

2. Make your first dance short

Not the best mover? You could always take dance lessons to ease those wedding jitters. Or you could pick a slow, short song and sway back and forth. You can even use software to help trim down the song of your choice to a shorter version.

The most important thing to remember about your first dance isn’t about the dancing. Forget your audience. Lock eyes with your partner. They’re you’re official dance partner for life. Nothing else matters.

3. Surround yourself with support

One of the best parts of your wedding day is the fact you get to share it with all your friends and family who have been there for you. Including them in your wedding and bridal party gives you such a big feeling of support. It also shines the spotlight on the most important people in your life, which is such a lovely reminder of what celebrating a wedding is all about.

4. Keep the speeches short

A simple “thank you” is easy enough, right? Don’t overcomplicate it. You don’t need to try to be sentimental or witty, have a list of stories to reel off. Speak from the heart. And if you do want to say something, ask your new spouse to stand beside you for support. Limit toasts to the closest members of the family so the reception doesn’t drag on.

5. Wear a good luck charm

A little token that provides a touch or courage is a lovely reminder of what your day is all about. You’re here to celebrate love with all the people who care about you. This memento could be anything, from your father or your grandmother, or another family member. This is the perfect opportunity for your something borrowed (and maybe something blue!)

6. Make it your own

Go through everything. Rehearse your vows in front of the mirror. Practice walking down the aisle with your dad. Dance with your fiancé in the kitchen. Your wedding day is about expressing your love for each other. If you practice the biggest highlights from your special date, you’ll be the calmest and most collected bride around.

Wedding jitters are natural, but these tips will make sure they definitely don’t get the better of you.

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By Holly Sutton

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6 of the best tips to beat wedding jitters on your big day