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Wedding Planning Tips: 5 Big Mistakes To Avoid

Everyone wants their wedding to run smoothly and be perfect, but with those high expectations comes a lot of admin and preplanning to pull it all off.

Wedding Planning Tips: 5 Big Mistakes To Avoid

If you’re not a bride that’s hired a headset-wearing wedding planner, don’t worry.

To help, we’ve got some of our best wedding planning tips for you today. We’re going to uncover the most common mistakes people make when planning a wedding and how you can avoid them.

Not making a schedule for the day

The ceremony, drinks, photos, dinner, speeches, cake cutting, dancing; there’s a lot to get done on your big day. And as with any big event, inevitably things end up running over time and into valuable dancing time (and nobody wants that!)

The first of our wedding planning tips is that to avoid wasting time, make sure you sit down before your wedding day and write an itinerary with action points.

For example, when it’s time to seat guests, allow around 30 minutes for 80 to 100 guests. Cutting the cake can take up to 15 minutes. It’s also a good idea to allocate one usher with the job of clock watching so he can hurry things along when needs be!

Neglecting to plan for wet weather

Given our track record with the Great British weather, you would think planning for rain would be on the top of most couples lists. But you’d be surprised by how rarely it’s thought about.

Always have a “wet weather plan” even if your wedding is planned for August. And if rain is forecast, embrace it! It means the dance floor will be fuller for longer. To plan ahead, think about providing large umbrellas to guests and make the most of the rain with romantic photos. For more inspiration, read our tips on how to successfully deal with rain on your wedding day.

Not allocating enough time for photos

You’ve walked down the aisle, you’ve said your ‘I-dos’ and now it’s time for photos. From romantic shots of the two of you, to family snaps, this part of the day can be quite time consuming and tricky to coordinate, especially if you’re wanting large group photos.

The next of our wedding planning tips is to capture all the group shots as quickly as possible and ask a couple of friends to help round people up. Make sure you don’t miss the cocktail reception by being clear with your photographer from the beginning about the sort of shots you want and how long you’re willing to commit to getting them done.

Ordering too much wine

Whether it’s ordering too much or too little, ordering wine can be a tricky task when planning for your wedding reception. It’s also something many couples get wrong. As a rule of thumb, it’s usually recommended to allow (per person) the following:

  • One drink per 30 minutes at the pre-reception drinks
  • Half a bottle for dinner
  • One glass for toasts
  • One drink per hour for the party

Most off-licenses and speciality wine shops will allow you to buy on a “sale or return” arrangement. This allows you to buy a little more just in case. But we would advise couples to see advice from their chosen supplier, caterer or venue on how much wine they recommend to allow for each guest as they are the experts.

Letting the speeches drag on for too long

We’ve all been there. One bad or boring speech that just kills the wedding good vibes completely. You can’t quite help what the father of the bride or best man will say. But you can make sure they keep it short by giving them a 10-minute time limit.

Also, have your speech written down and practice beforehand. You may be very good at standing up at a conference and giving an ad-lib speech. But don’t leave it to chance – you could regret it!


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By Holly Sutton

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Wedding Planning Tips_ 5 Big Mistakes To Avoid