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9 Of The Best Ideas For Wedding Room Decoration

From flowers to lighting, we’ve got you covered.

9 Of The Best Ideas For Wedding Room Decoration

Whether you prefer to go DIY or downright decadent there are so many creative ideas when it comes to wedding room decoration. Read on to learn some of our favourites.

1. Flowers

This comes in at one of the pricier options for wedding room decoration – people are often surprised by the cost of fresh flowers. But fresh blooms, particularly if you’re after a variety that isn’t in season at the time of your wedding, are expensive. It goes with the territory, unfortunately!

If you do have the budget for it, you can work with your florist to create something really special. This is one of the best ways to make your wedding venue exceptionally beautiful. Plus, it’s hard to beat natural beauty so we always recommend have some on your big day.

9 Of The Best Ideas For Wedding Room Decoration

2. Personal touches

Decorations that represent the two of you as a couple are becoming more popular for wedding room decoration. It makes sense, right? What better way to celebrate your quirks, interests and memories than at your own wedding? One of our favourites is naming your tables as your favourite places and why they mean something to you. You can also have a collection of photos of family members who aren’t around anymore. Personal details are the most meaningful.

9 Of The Best Ideas For Wedding Room Decoration

3. Lighting

From fairy lights to candlelight, forms of lighting deliver the best visual impact with the least effort required. Some of the most romantic wedding room decorations include twinkling flames and glittering light bulbs. This is a seriously cost-effective way to make your venue look magical.

9 Of The Best Ideas For Wedding Room Decoration

4. DIY It

Creating your own decorations may be time-consuming. But it’s also a sure way of getting what you want without spending a fortune. Lots of couples recruit close friends and family members to help with this which can be a lot of fun. Although don’t expect anyone to do this – undue pressure on loved ones can cause tension during wedding planning).

Popular DIY options range anywhere from table plans and simple flower arrangements to homegrown blooms or even bespoke clothing made by a loved one.

9 Of The Best Ideas For Wedding Room Decoration

5. Cultural elements

If you’re having a destination wedding, including details in your wedding room decoration that reference the country you’re marrying in is a lovely idea. You could also give guests a local souvenir as a favour or include illustrated signage as a nod to the nation. The possibilities are endless!

9 Of The Best Ideas For Wedding Room Decoration

6. Wow-factor features

We know the insta-worthy flower wall or floral arch has long bee around in wedding fashion. But there are other ways to make a decorative statement, too.

Want to work with your florist to create something remarkable? We love the option of a canopy. Leaves, flowers, lights and/or candles hanging down above a table or room are also spectacular. If you want to go on a smaller scale, light-up letters, magnificent cakes or bold colours can achieve a stand-out effect, too.

9 Of The Best Ideas For Wedding Room Decoration

7. Trinkets

Antique items, old books, kooky instruments and anything else you can gather is a great way to jazz up your tables. And it’s affordable!

Head down to your local charity shop or vintage shop, or pay a visit to that quirky market you’ve never been too. You can also grab whatever pretty ornaments you’ve got lying around the house and use those. It’s all in the imagination.

9 Of The Best Ideas For Wedding Room Decoration

8. Garden games

If your venue has a garden or you’re marrying in one, we love garden games as a quaint way to spice up the lawn and get all your guests having fun. Plus, they always look really cute in pictures.

9 Of The Best Ideas For Wedding Room Decoration

9. An amazing wedding cake

You’d be surprised at how effective an amazing wedding cake can be in dressing up a room. We’ve seen some really amazing real wedding cakes in our time (especially as we’ve got them on display at The Wedding Gallery!)

Put it somewhere it’ll really stand out, surround it with candles, flowers, treats or other desserts. Choose a huge multi-tiered design that’s covered in dripping icing or sugar flowers. Or maybe have one made bespoke! The best bit about this idea is that nothing will go to waste (your guests will make sure of that, where’s a plate?)

9 Of The Best Ideas For Wedding Room Decoration


Do you want some help coordinating your wedding room decoration? Speak to a consultant at The Wedding Gallery today!

By Holly Sutton

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9 of the best ideas for wedding room decoration