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Choosing Your Wedding Shoes: Wedding Shoe Experts Faber Novella Offer Their Advice

Get ready for some advice from the experts.

For many brides finding the dress is such a huge part of the wedding planning process that the rest of their bridal attire can become a bit of an afterthought.

However, your wedding shoes and bridal accessories are the finishing touches that pull the whole look together. After spending so much time, money and effort on finding the perfect wedding dress, you want the finishing touches to compliment and complete your look.


If you simply adore fabulous footwear and want to find the perfect wedding shoes but you’re just not sure where to start then wedding shoe experts Faber Novella are here to help.

Founder Victoria Burlacu explains all the factors you need to consider when choosing your wedding shoes:

You Don’t Have to Choose Ivory or White

“Traditional white and ivory wedding shoes are stunning but they can also be pretty impractical, more likely to stain and you will be less likely to wear them again. Even the most traditional bride can add a touch of style or fun to her bridal look with a pair of unique shoes. Think about the style of your wedding and the overall look you want to create, you could choose from so many wedding shoe styles from luxe metallics that can add a glamorous finish through to fun bright styles or pretty vintage pastel tones.”

Pick a Pair You Can Wear Again

“Something else that’s great about non-white wedding shoes? You are much more likely to wear them again. It’s unlikely you will get to wear your shoes or your veil again but if you choose a pair of wedding shoes that are less traditionally bridal then you can wear them to parties, special occasions and your wedding anniversary – they can be a romantic reminder of your special day.”

Consider the Heel Height You Are Used To


“It’s important your wedding shoes not only look great but also that you are comfortable in them. If you are strictly a flats girl then a lower or block heel may suit you better, giving you the elegant style and special feel you are looking for but with added comfort and stability.”

Don’t Forget About Your Wedding Dress

“It’s a good idea to think about your wedding dress when you’re picking your wedding shoes. You want the style of your wedding shoes to work beautifully with your gown. If you have chosen something fun or contemporary then vibrant red, cobalt blue or fuschia pink wedding shoes will work beautifully. Alternatively, if you have chosen a glam satin or silk style they a metallic wedding shoe could work perfectly or embrace some vintage style with pretty pastel hues.”

Wear Them In Before the Wedding


“It’s so important that your wedding shoes are comfortable, your wedding will pretty much be a 12 hour day, you will spend a lot of time on your feet and you want to be able to wear your wedding shoes all day. Once you have your wedding shoes, I would suggest that you spend some time breaking them in, wear them around your home to break them in without causing any damage.”

Check If Your Venue Has Any Requirements

“Some wedding venues – particularly historic and listed buildings – have special requirements with footwear and specify no stiletto heels so you might need to consider a lower heel height or a block heel. If you think your wedding venue might have these types of rules in place then check with your coordinator before you go start your shoe search.”

Don’t Shop Last Minute

“With so much thought and time put into finding the wedding dress, the shoes can sometimes be an afterthought and it’s easy to let other planning distract you and then end up in a last minute rush. Shopping for your wedding shoes and accessories last minute will be a rushed and stressful experience and you could also risk not leaving enough time to find a style you adore.”

Think of That Wedding Shoe Pic


“I believe you should only really spend your money on something when you truly love it – this couldn’t be more true when it comes to shoes! When you are searching for your wedding shoes, imagine that wedding shoe picture your photographer will take and if you know the shoes would look amazing then you might have found the ones!”

Are you ready to find your perfect bridal shoes? Start browsing Faber Novella where you can create your own pair of bespoke wedding shoes in a wide selection of styles, fabrics, and colours.