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10 Top Wedding Traditions You Can Give Up For Your Big Day

Who said anything about following the rules?

10 Top Wedding Traditions You Can Give Up For Your Big Day

At The Wedding Gallery, we always say one thing to all our couples: it’s YOUR day.

There may be some parts of wedding planning that you think you have to do. And you might not be looking forward to them. This list might put those worries out of your head. We’ve rounded up not one, not two, but TEN traditions you can definitely ditch from your wedding day.

1. Wearing a white wedding dress

This is arguably the most important part of any woman’s wedding day. But more and more of us are swapping the white dress for different styles and colours. Whether your hem sits on your ankle, or you go for a shade of blush, you’ve got so much freedom in choosing a dress that matches your personality.

If you still want to wear a white dress, you could always give your shoes the wild factor!

2. Walking down the aisle to Wagner’s “Bridal Chorus”

When you wore a pillowcase on your head when you were little, this might’ve been the song you hummed. But now, the choice is yours. A lot of brides want to walk into something that they love and that makes them feel comfortable. The more personal it is, the better.

3. Choosing matching wedding rings

There’s so much choice these days. So it’s easy to see why many couples opt for different wedding rings. Plus, most women want to try and find a ring that matches their engagement ring. They’ll mean so much more to you if the style and design are suited to each of you as individuals.

4. The bouquet toss

A bouquet isn’t just a bouquet anymore – it’s a work of art. So much time, effort, and detail goes into creating your bouquet, it’s no surprise you don’t want to toss it over your head! If you want to keep it as a sentiment, don’t throw it away. If your guests are enjoying the party, they won’t even notice.

5. A gift list

There are loads of possibilities when it comes to wedding gifts that you don’t need to register for a gift list. You and your fiancé probably live together and so will have everything you already need! If there is something you want in particular you can ask for money towards that. Another good idea is asking for contributions towards your honeymoon or even to your favourite charity.

6. Favours

Have you ever been to a wedding and forgotten to take your favour home? Exactly our point! Most guests won’t notice if you don’t give out favours. You can always buy the people in your main wedding party a small gift to make it extra special.

7. A wedding breakfast

Three full courses? A lot of people still opt for this, but there’s much more flexibility now. You could have a buffet, a barbecue or even a hog roast. As long as your guests are fed, you can serve whatever you want.

8. A diamond engagement ring

Now, this might not be part of the planning process, but you don’t have to opt for a traditional diamond engagement ring. Look at Kate Middleton – her blue sapphire ring is beautiful. You could even do a Prince Harry and design your own!

9. A church ceremony

If you’ve always dreamed of getting married in a church, this is such a wonderful idea. But don’t feel like this is what you have to do. You could get married abroad, on a beach, in a field, the possibilities are endless! The point of your big day is planning a wedding that is perfect for the two of you.

10. The standard fruit wedding cake

If you ever visit The Wedding Gallery, you won’t see a single white cake around. Your cake is your time to play around and have some fun! You can have whatever kind of cake you want. Or you can go a bit different with cupcakes, doughnuts or even a dessert table.

Discover how to bring your wedding dreams to life by booking an appointment to discuss your plans with one of our consultants today.

By Holly Sutton

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