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7 Of The Best Wedding Trends To Get Excited About In 2019

If you’re a 2019 bride, this is for you.

7 Of The Best Wedding Trends To Get Excited About In 2019

If you’re tying the knot in 2019 or beyond, then you’ll be planning all the finishing touches that make your big day special. We’ve talked about weddings trends for 2019 before, but these are the ones to get really excited about…

The holiday season is officially here and for wedding planners, that means one thing – looking ahead to 2019 wedding trends. If you plan to wed sometime after the New Year – congratulations! 2019 is going to be a very special year for you.

If you haven’t quite hammered out all the details yet for your big day, don’t fret. You’ve got plenty of time to figure out final touches – and you might even benefit from waiting. After all, wedding trends change constantly, and 2019 is a brand new year. You can expect to see new wedding trends taking centre stage in the coming months. If you want your nupitals to stand out, pick a few of 2019’s trends and incorporate them into your big day. Here are 7 wedding trends to get excited about in 2019.

1. Back to First Look Basics

You may have heard about lots of weddings where the couple opted for a “first look” and, practically, it makes sense. When you do a first look, you can snap photos beforehand and enjoy the party immediately after the ceremony. But first looks might be on their way out for 2019.

Wedding experts predict many brides and grooms will return to tradition and see each other for the first time at their ceremony. There’s nothing like the romantic moment a groom catches sight of his bride for the first time, which is a treat for both the couple and their guests!

2. Blush and Lavender Dresses

If you haven’t found the perfect wedding dress yet, consider straying a bit from the traditional path. Instead of going with a classic white or ivory dress, add a bit of flair with a blush bottom layer with lace or tulle on top. The soft hue of the lower layer only shines through subtly, so it’s a great way to ensure your bridal look stands out without going entirely over the top. If you want to go a bit more out there, you’re welcome to go all in with a fully coloured dress – you may see more of them in 2019 too.

3. Rich, Bold Tones

While 2018 saw lots of muted colours with metallic accents, 2019 wedding trends signal the return of bright, bold hues to wedding venues. The best method is to choose a central tone for your big day and build the rest of your wedding around it.

Colours like sunshine yellow, berry pink and dustry blue serve as the foundation of up-and-coming colour palettes. Find ways to incorporate your chosen colour into small or large accents, from the place cards to your bridesmaids’ dresses.

4. Unique Entertainment

One trend that grew in 2018 was the prevalence of unexpected wedding entertainment – and that’s not going anywhere in 2019. But instead of the classic DJ or wedding band, more and more couples are inviting magicians, aerial artists and other performers to wow the crowd at their wedding. It’s a particularly nice twist if you and your significant other enjoy a certain type of entertainment you could bring to your big day.

5. Sustainable Touches

Have you attended a wedding recently and noticed a lack of plastic products? Sustainability is hot right now, and brides and grooms are taking notice. Many weddings in 2019 will forgo the traditional bouquets in favour of flowers can be replanted, and others might skip plastic products altogether. If you hold the environment near and dear to your heart, read this post for more information on how to plan an eco-friendly wedding.

6. Chill After-Parties

The concept of a wedding after-party isn’t new, but next year you might notice a new approach. Instead of shutting down a nearby bar, more brides and grooms are arranging low-key activities for their guests after the reception winds down. For instance, you could see a side room open with a pianist and some seating for anyone interested in a post-reception sing-a-long. This is another idea you can really personalise!

7. Entire Dessert Rooms

Long gone are the days when a single cake served as the sole dessert at a wedding. Wedding trends in 2019 are going to see everything from doughnuts to cookies to s’mores bars at weddings. Pretty soon, you might encounter an entire room brimming with desserts.

Anyone who loves sweets and loves to go a bit over-the-top should strongly consider a dessert room stuffed with your favourites. This way, every guest will find something taht suits them even if they don’t like the flavour of your wedding cake.

With so many fun and unique ways to customise your 2019 wedding, you can ensure the big day feels truly one of a kind. Whether you opt for a blush-tinged bridal gown or hire aerial artists to entertain your wedding guests, you know your friends and family will never forget the day you said, “I do”. And of course, neither will you and your new spouse!

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By Holly Sutton

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7 Of The Best Wedding Trends To Get Excited About In 2019