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Winter Wedding 101: How To Marry In A Cold Month

If you’re a December bride, we’ve got you covered.

Winter Wedding 101: How To Marry In A Cold Month

Welcome to our ultimate guide on how to get married in winter! For many couples, a winter wedding is a popular choice.

With Christmas being perhaps the most romantic time of year, it makes a winter wedding perfect. A cosy country house wedding in winter is the perfect opportunity for a mulled wine reception by a roaring fire. You can eve get away with a full turkey roast on the menu for your wedding breakfast.

And while many summer weddings are plagued by the terror of “will it rain?”, having a wedding in winter means you’re pretty much braced for any kind of weather, alleviating any kind of real worry. So, how do you get it right? Keep reading for our ultimate guide to winter weddings.

Winter wedding dresses

First things first – get that dress sorted. Getting married in colder months calls for a different type of wedding dress. Floaty flimsy fabrics are pretty much out. Opt for thicker, structured winter wedding dresses, wedding dresses with sleeves and heavy detailing. When it comes to accessories, it’s a veritable playground. Think cover-ups, faux furs and hair accessories.

Winter wedding ideas

Traditionally, there are two ways to go when it comes to styling a winter wedding. If you’re a sucker for the festive season (and your wedding is in December), a palette of reds and greens alongside Christmas trees, Bavarian-style wooden decorations and crackers on the tables, rarely fails to set the most romantic of scenes.

But maybe you’re not a fan of all the festivities or your wedding takes place after New Year. A colour scheme of icy whites and pale blues with silver flashes would look beautiful against the frost underfoot and icicles outside the window. But that’s not to say you can’t break tradition. The recent trend for all things dark, mysterious and opulent isn’t going anywhere fast. So why not indulge in a wickedly spicy wedding cake or style a black and gold wedding?

Winter wedding flowers

If you thought finding winter wedding flowers would be difficult, think again. There is an abundance of wedding flowers in season – you just need to know where to look.

Winter wedding guest dresses

If you’ve got a winter wedding in the diary, it can be seriously tricky to know what to wear. The one thing you can rely on is that it will probably be cold, but the rest is a mystery. Rain, wind or even snow – you just don’t know what will happen on the day.

Winter skincare

We don’t need to tell you that cold weather can play havoc with your skin. Combine chilling winds with central heating and you’ve got a recipe for seriously stressed out skin. Often, our skin becomes drier in the winter months, losing hydration and therefore elasticity and brightness. It’s all very well covering it up with the best foundation you can lay your hands on, but switching up your skincare routine for the winter months is the best decision you can make.

Winter honeymoon destinations

The best part about having a winter wedding? It’s a peak season for many of the world’s most tropical destinations, meaning you don’t have to wait to jet off on honeymoon. Destinations like the Maldives, Seychelles, the Caribbean and South East Asia have their sunniest periods from December to March – the perfect escape from sub-zero temperatures in Britain, we think!


Want someone to help with planning your winter wedding? Discover how to bring your wedding dreams to life by booking an appointment to discuss your plans with a consultant at The Wedding Gallery today.

By Holly Sutton

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Winter Wedding 101_ How To Marry In A Cold Month