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Bar Companies

The Wedding Gallery Brands

The creativity and talent behind an amazing cocktail can become the talking point of your wedding, and we have the best teams to create the perfect mix just for you. Perfectly chilled Champagne in gorgeous glassware or a range of bespoke cocktails to reflect your memories and tastes – the Bar Companies in The Library will let you discover the perfect blend.

Holy Water

Understanding people is the heart of Holy Water. Not everybody has that gift and it’s something you can’t teach. A Holy Water bartender has the ability to know what the guest wants before they know they wanted it. When they create a drinks experience for a wedding, Adam, who is the heart and soul of Holy Water, embarks on a journey to explore the clients vision – to make them feel easy, excited and most importantly to have fun. Weddings are about love and joy and the process of planning one has to be fun. With Holy Water it always is.

The Cocktail Service

The Cocktail Service provides everything needed to deliver an exceptional cocktail & drinks service for you and your wedding guests. Our premium offering includes our experienced and highly skilled staff, our elegant bars, along with our extensive range of cocktails. Our cocktail menus feature award winning cocktails that are carefully selected to appeal to a variety of tastes. We also offer bespoke cocktail creations to complement any given theme, brief or food pairing. As no wedding is the same, our bar service is created on a completely bespoke basis.