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Film Makers

The Wedding Gallery Brands

With an eye for detail and endless sources of creativity and imagination, our film makers will create stunning edits of your celebration, the ultimate keepsake of such an important day.

Tynegate Films

Regarded as one of the UK’s top wedding filmmakers, Ben makes timeless and carefully crafted wedding films, discreetly capturing the quiet, honest and important moments that tell the real story of you as a couple. By redefining classical elegance in his films for modern couples, Ben ensures that your films are as evocative on your golden anniversary as they are today.


Atmotion are an award winning London based video production company. They specialise in high end event films and consistently work on the biggest private events in the world.

Established in 2011 by Paul Richman and Stephen Hill, Atmotion quickly set about building a reputation for bringing their experience in the world of TV and Film into the private event marketplace. They present their client’s special day with the highest production values while still preserving all the atmosphere, emotion, excitement and exhilaration of the moment. Their clients can relive these moments again and again in the most spectacular and moving way possible.


Filmatography is an award winning production company, delivering world class cinema and photographic projects for events in the Americas, Europe and the Middle and Far East. Working in perfect harmony on the day, they believe the very best results can be achieved with one team providing both photography and filming. Over the last 13 years, Filmatography has been dedicated to delivering the extraordinary for its clients, with a post-production centre in London, a unique Cinema Studio in Dubai and unrivalled quality standards.

Headed up by CEO Peter Rear, a passionate and creative storyteller and award-winner in his own right, who has worked with A-listers in music and film and with an incredible level of creativity and emotion behind their work, Filmatography provides the ultimate coverage for weddings and events.

John Nassari

If you are booking John Nassari Photography, then John’s film team is the perfect addition to your package.

John believes having one team covering both photos and film simplifies the approach.

It’s not just a benefit that both the photography and film is a single aesthetic approach, but also there is one team, working in harmony, with one point of contact.

John’s film work is true to his still work: always elegant, always beautiful but at the heart of it is a documentary, candid approach. We do not want to turn your wedding into a film set.

Our mission is to produce amazing storytelling while not being seen.

Imaginarium Cinematography

Imaginarium the team creatively believe in one thing, delivering cinematic films that will stand the test of time.
They are story tellers, with a desire to document memories and deliver extraordinary films.
Our cinematic style and attention to detail combined with
our unrivalled delivery from post-production stands us apart in the
event filming world.

Mariage a la Mode

My husband and I first filmed our own wedding using vintage 8mm cameras over ten years ago. We fell in the love with the look of the film – the quirky flickering movement, the wonderful play of light and the fact that it reflected a golden time of movie making when our parents and grandparents were married. Since then we have gone on to film many more glorious weddings all over Europe and the UK. Witnessing so many happy moments filled with love and laughter and all captured on real film.

Ray McShane

A wedding is wonderful and unique event. Ray McShane love the emotional energy, working discretely and respectfully to produce reportage films with a narrative filled with beautiful fleeting moments.

Their experience in events is vast, from extravagant A List celebrity weddings, with over a thousand guests and right down to the most intimate of elopements with just themselves selves and the couple.

Their skill with a camera isn’t what makes their work unique, it is the empathy, the sensitivity of the surroundings during those precious moments, preserving them with the skill of reportage film making.

The Filming Business

The Filming Business is the UK’s longest running film production company specialising in the creation of breathtaking films that capture life’s most important celebrations. As a pioneer of aerial filming in the events industry, we have captured an estimated 1.4million minutes of film at over 3600 events, of which more than 2000 have been weddings.