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The Wedding Gallery Brands

From your Engagement ring and wedding bands to jewels to wear on the day, jewellery plays an important role in many celebrations, and the department at The Wedding Gallery has been carefully curated to ensure that we can answer any number of briefs.

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Inspired by the rich culture and heritage of India, Amrapali breathes new life into centuries-old Indian jewellery making traditions, from enameling to the techniques of kundan setting. Often infusing a contemporary Western twist, Amrapali jewels delicately balance traditional Indian artisanal design elements with a modern look and feel. Founded in 1978 in Jaipur, India by Rajiv Arora and Rajesh Ajmera, two friends inspired by their deep reverence for India’s tribal jewellery and artefacts, Amrapali Jewels is now a global, luxury jewellery brand


“Precious jewellery for remarkable women.”

Annoushka was founded by Annoushka Ducas MBE in 2009. Inspired by her extensive travels, and fuelled by a collector’s passion for the exotic and unique, Annoushka is the culmination of a lifetime’s obsession with the timeless romance and sensual magic of jewels. “My design philosophy is very personal,” the founder and creative director of her eponymous jewellery brand explains. “I create what I like to wear. It must be comfortable, versatile, unfussy, yet also tell a story.”

Daniella Draper

A beautifully British brand, established in the North of England in 2009, Daniella’s jewellery is designed to tell a story. Each individual piece can be collected and cherished to build a collection that is entirely your own. Daniella’s handcrafted jewellery is inspired by her travels, adventures and love. Our jewellery collection has been carefully designed to stack, layer and personalise to complete any outfit. Daniella’s designs are classic and timeless; every piece of jewellery you see would make the perfect gift or treat.

Kiki McDonough

Kiki McDonough is a British fine jewellery designer famous for her striking colour combinations and use of semi-precious gemstones, set in 18ct Gold, to create timeless and wearable designs. Kiki’s enduring success in the jewellery business over the last 30 years is a testament to her creativity, eye for design and attention to detail. Each piece showcases Kiki’s passion for vibrant colour, elegance and workmanship, and is designed with every woman in mind. The brand offers accessible and relaxed luxury, making Kiki McDonough now one of the most desirable British brands in the luxury sector.

Laurance Coste

Parisian-born jeweller Laurence Coste’s Chelsea boutiques are a hidden gem that cater to chic women from all over the world. Her couture handmade pieces range from everyday classics to jaw-dropping statement pieces. Known for her abundant clip-on earrings, Laurence’s exclusive jewellery collections feature semi-precious stones that create one-off designs that express each woman’s individuality.

Lucas Rarities

London jewellers Lucas Rarities specialise in rare and exceptional pieces of period jewellery and objet d’art, with a particular focus on signed pieces from the Art Deco era to the 1970s. Their collection includes a range of jewellery that fully captures the stylistic shift during the first half of the twentieth century, which saw the evolution of jewellery design into an art form.

Noor Fares

Born in Paris Noor Fares, creative director of the eponymous brand has always been nomadic at heart and drawn to cultures where jewels and gemstones hold particular spiritual significance. So, armed with a taste for adventure, and an unquenchable thirst for learning and discovering everything about the unknown, she is on a mission to travel to every corner of the Earth, immersing herself into a world of unexpected beauty.

Ruth Tomlinson

Ruth Tomlinson is renowned for meticulously handcrafted, luxury fine jewellery employing innovative techniques to ensure that originality prevails in each new collection. We create ethereal, contemporary designs imbued with an otherworldly sense of a bygone era. The jewels have a sense of treasure and timelessness; like precious objects buried aeons ago and now re-discovered to tell their stories. Each jewel is crafted by hand in our central London studio, using unique cuts of precious gemstones and different tones of gold, resulting in a modern British classic of the future, ready to be filled with its own story – throughout our lifetime and generations to come.

Shaun Leane

The Shaun Leane ethos was born at the bench in London’s renowned jewellery heartland, Hatton Garden.
From the age of 15 Shaun Leane apprenticed in the finest techniques of traditional craftsmanship. He perfected the art of high end diamond jewellery mounting and antique restoration in an environment where skill was paramount and perfection was the only acceptable standard.
This foundation of technical excellence and classic artistry is now the pre-requisite for Leane’s discerning philosophy. The House of Shaun Leane atelier comprises of a team of highly-skilled artisans, designers and technicians, all trained in the delicate yet innovative art of goldsmithing.

V Jewellery

Inspired by jewellery that has survived the test of time, V was created in 2013 by British designer Laura Vann. Juxtaposing her decadent stone set pieces with simple, clean-cut apparel Laura seeks to reinvent traditional jewellery into something chic and casual while maintaining longevity in its overall design. Guided by over 20 years of experience from her father’s jewellery business, V has evolved quickly and the brand is able to achieve high quality and intricacy in conjunction with accessible pricing. Subsequently, the collection’s fresh yet classic image has been praised as a hybrid brand that fills a gap in the market for women transitioning from throwaway jewellery to fine.